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Vet-Stem and Cornell

So a representative from Vet-Stem got back to me with a few places that do stem cell therapy nearby. One in Canastota at the Village Veterinary Hospital of New York and dun duuun dun duuuuuun……….CORNELL!

So we will inquire if Klaus’ hip is a good candidate for this procedure. It is so much more affordable. They suck a few tbsps of fat from the belly and send the sample out to be harvested. The fat is digested in order to harvest the stem cells. The stem cells are then injected directly into the area and voila! It seems to be a great procedure for arthritis but I have to admit I’m not sure how well it works for HD cases where the hip socket is too shallow?

I think I might be getting ahead of myself but we will find out more when we have our visit.


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Klaus has da hip pain

Below is a picture of Klaus with one of my herbal rice bags that I use when I have wicked bad cramps and other aches and pains. He doesn’t let me use them on him anymore but in the past when he was having a particularly painful day he would let me place this on him while he dozed off.

I’ve started some more in depth research to stem cell therapy for HD. I don’t know how extreme of cases the stem cell can work with so I’ll ask Cornell and go from there. The procedure is not that expensive compared to a THR and it’s not that invasive either. We just have to track down a doctor that is certified to do it.

Honestly, I am not looking forward to the aftermath of the THR surgery. It’s impossible to keep Klaus under wraps now, and I know I’m sure he’ll be uncomfortable so he might not be so apt to be a crazy dog. But still I have concerns.

For more information about stem cell therapy in pets:

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Bedtime with Klaus

After a long stressful day dealing with Klaus’ antics and my never ending headaches it seems, it’s nice to have him so chilled and relaxed before we go to sleep. It’s funny how much he looks forward to the routine of our night time rituals. Even if we end up staying up later then usual he gets really cranky about wanting to go upstairs to bed. Even though he has a nice big fluffy bed and crate downstairs too. Last night was particularly interesting as we trimmed one of his nails too short and it was a total horror fest of blood for awhile. We’ve cut a nail too short once before but this was way more blood then usual. His nails are dark which make gauging the quick a tad difficult. Couple that with his tendency to squirm when we trim them and it can spell disaster. We have special quick stop and it worked for awhile until he started licking at it which started it back up again. I know using a dremel bit is a much better way but Klaus hates the sound of the mixer and blender so I can only assume he’d freak out with the noise of the dremel and its proximity to his toes.

The last pic best highlights what we like to call his gremlin or goblin ears. When they’re spaced far apart like that I think he looks like Gizmo from the Gremlins!

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You are the mayor….

I know this blog is dedicated to Klaus but I thought I’d break it up a bit with a project my neighbor has started…..

Syracuse seems to have had an influx of media coverage lately highlighting everything from the Bernie Fine scandal to the Orangemen basketball standings, to the pilot “Upstate” and movie “Adult World” being filmed here.

But what doesn’t get highlighted, except to paint the city in a negative light, are the many abandoned architectural urban structures around town- and obviously so. My neighbor Annabel has started a website documenting these condemned structures in a way that “breathes new life into the battered urban landscape via foursquare check-in points across the city”. I hope it makes people stop and contemplate the city’s possibilities and its past. Click her picture below to take the journey!

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So I’ve received word back from all of the places we applied to for grant money and financial help. There was only a handful of ones we actually fit the criteria for but sadly, most every place’s response was “we don’t have any money available at this time”. These places tend to be donation based and I have vowed to return to them and donate a little bit after everything is all said and done with Klaus’ hip.

A lot of places we looked at were location specific, or breed specific, or situation specific. Does he have cancer? No. We’re sorry we only help with cancer cases. We only work with cat owners or we only work with dog owners. Is his situation life threatening? No but he’s only 1 year old and heĀ  has a very long life to live still. Are you on any government assistance? No. Well we only help the truly impoverished. Is he going to be euthanized if you don’t receive this treatment? No way. Well we tend to only help those at the end of their ropes. Have you applied to CareCredit and been accepted? Yes. Well we are unable to help you, even if you were only approved for a small percentage of your proposed surgery costs.

It’s all really disheartening and I feel my hope being squashed as of late. But all this hard work and searching and applying and calling and planning is going to pay off. I just have to keep reminding myself. It has to right? I still have to fax over an application to Cornell for their program- fingers crossed something works out with that. I’ve sold 3 pin sets, 2 stickers, and have received $90 in donations thus far. I want to really start pushing the stickers and pins some more- because we did spend money getting the stickers made. I make the pin sets myself but the supplies aren’t free. My sister was gracious enough to let me use her stash for a little while so that has definitely helped.

“A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success.” -Elbert Hubbard


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Dinner time with Klaus

Dinner time involves the leave it command. And I am the first to admit, we do tend to mess with him when we ask him to “leave it” (we’re so cruel!). He knows when we get his food out he must remain in a sit/stay. In the past he would storm the container and I know if we didn’t stop him he’d devour as much as he could. When we place the bowl on the floor we say “leave it”. Sometimes we’ll ask him to sit or down. Sometimes we’ll ask him to “look at me”. And even more torturous of us is to leave the room and wait a few minutes. At this point he will be drooling but he is such a good boy, he is in fact still “leaving it”.

The slow food bowl really helps him slow down when he eats. This is our second slow feed bowl since we switched to kibble. His old bowl was chewed apart by one of his buddies at our boarding place. If we don’t put the bowl away Klaus tends to bring it into his crate with him and I know he’d probably do a number on it like his pal did!

Also, my husband and I have decided we’re going to start plucking our hair out and placing it in Klaus’ food since he seems to be so generous with his hair in ours!

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“Funny but kind of not”

The first photo is one I took after stumbling upon Klaus where he shouldn’t have been- acting like a total circus dog on top of the ottoman. I don’t know how he got up on the ottoman like this because the cushions, when turned over tend to slide and shift. Look at how small he was- he could fit inside the square! The second photo is of him much older. He does this a lot, usually with a toy in his mouth. I tend to think he does it to alleviate the stress on his back end. We actually have an exercise we do with him where while he is on the ottoman like this, we lure him up and back to stretch out his spine (think upward facing dog yoga pose).

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