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I’m feeling overwhelmed…

but in the good amazing, people surprise me and humble me sort of way!

Yesterday Jesse’s business partner Adam, and their best friend and employee Graham, decided to generously, thoughtfully and kindly donate all tips they made during their shifts to Klaus’ hip fund. And unbeknownst to Jesse and I, they had been saving up their tips for a few weeks now- on top of the generosity of yesterday!

I can not thank them ENOUGH! Seriously. All I keep saying over and over again is THANK YOU. It feels so miniscule compared to what they did for Klaus and our family. It feels like not enough to just say thank you. I am humbled guys- seriously humbled.

That’s Graham on the bottom left and Adam (with an Olive hat) on the bottom right. Lastly, I can’t leave out thanking all of the amazing Recess Coffee customers who opened up their wallets to help Klaus. If it weren’t for your generous tips, the boys wouldn’t have had any to donate- so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


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Puppy parents beware- treats linked to poisoning still being sold!

Yesterday we decided to hit up the local Target to check out their grocery expansion and to use up some coupons involving FREE items. We like to check out the pet sections of stores every now and then, what I imagine parents of non fur children do when they check out the toy section. I was really surprised to see this……

Two out of three suspect brands of treats still on the shelves and ON SALE! This is just so frightening. I can’t tell you how more apt I am to buy something if it’s on sale. And for most puppy parents, they don’t give a second thought to buying any treats or toys. Why? Because we have put our trust in companies that they won’t poison or harm us. What’s even more startling is something I recently learned. It’s not just a matter of buying something stamped with USA on it. You have to buy items that say MADE IN THE USA. Items that say PRODUCT OF USA, just means they were packaged in the USA and not necessarily made.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pass this information along to anyone and everyone. I had contacted my local news stations in hopes of bringing this story to more people.

The following treats are now being linked to dog poisoning:

  • Waggin’ Train (Nestle Purina)
  • Canyon Creek Ranch (Nestle Purina)
  • Milo’s Kitchen Home-style Dog Treats (Del Monte)

Help other fur parents out by steering them to other treats. Make copies of this article and bring them to your local stores to raise awareness. Encourage them to no longer sell them. Some dogs get sick instantly and have no chance for recovery so it is essential that these treats are no longer sold.

Check out this list below that was given to us by our breeder as well as links to home made dog treats. It’s easier than you think- and so much safer than buying store bought ones!

Vegetables that are good for dogs:
Carrots – Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, G, K, potassium, calcium. I use carrots as the base and add a few others to vary the juice daily
Green Beans
Sweet potatoes
Brussel Sprouts
Broccoli – Feed small amounts, may cause gas
Caulerpa (seaweed)
Romaine (COS) Lettuce – High nutritional value
Ice Berg Lettuce – has no nutritional value but is OK to feed. You can use as a filler.
Tomatoes (avoid the leaves and stems) – Small Amounts
Celery – Not much nutritional value but is a good diuretic.
Alfalfa Sprouts – highest source of Vitamin A
Bok Choy
Bell Peppers
Silver Beat
Beet Root
Mustard Greens
Greens: Vitamin A, C, potassium, chlorophyll.
Kale – has the same nutrients as cabbage, helps with digestive disorders
Swiss Chard – high in Vitamin A
Watercress – intestinal cleanser
Mustard Greens – intestinal cleanser
Parsley – an herb, helps with oxygen metabolism with the adrenal and thyroid glands, healing for the genito-urianry tract.
Beets – Copper, manganese, potassium. Builds red corpuscles and tones blood. Add only a small slice to the daily juice once a week due to beet’s cleansing properties

Apples (not the seeds)
Fresh Pumpkin (not the canned pie filling)
The following Kong stuffings are made with one or more human food ingredients:

CHEESY ELVIS: Combine a ripe banana, 3 spoonfuls of peanut butter, and a slice of cheese. Mix until blended well. Fill the Kong and freeze.

MONSTER MASH: Instant mashed potatoes (without the salt) — or leftover mashed potatoes from dinner — mixed with crushed dog biscuits.

DOGGIE OMLET: Combine a scrambled egg, some beef, yogurt, cheese and mashed potatoes all together

FIBER CRUNCH: Combine bran cereal with some peanut butter.

KONGSICLE JERKY POPS: The equivalent of a popsicle… Seal the small hole of the Kong toy with peanut butter. Fill to the rim with water and a pinch of bouillon (or just use chicken broth instead). Place a stick or two of beef jerky inside. Freeze. (This one gets messy in a hurry, so it’s recommended only for outdoor use.)

GOOEY CHEERIOS: Combine cheerios and peanut butter. Freeze.

FRUIT KITTY NOODLES: Mix together some dried fruit, cooked pasta, banana and dry cat food.

BANANA YOGURT: Plain yogurt and mashed bananas. (You can also add a little peanut butter or other fruits.) Then freeze it.

PEANUT BUTTER GLUE: Fill Kong 1/3rd full of dog food. Pour in melted peanut butter (after it has cooled from microwaving). Add more dog food, followed by more melted peanut butter until the Kong toy is full. Freeze until solid.

ROCK-HARD KIBBLE: Combine some of your dog’s regular food with cream cheese, which acts as a cement, keeping everything inside.

STICKY BREAD: Smear peanut butter on a piece of bread. Fold it over and stuff inside the Kong. Mix together plain yogurt with some fruits or vegetables (carrots, celery) and pour inside. Freeze. The yogurt sticks to the bread holding everything together.

APPLE PIE: Squeeze a small piece of apple into the tiny hole. Fill the Kong with a small amount of plain yogurt. Add a few slices of mashed banana, more apple, yogurt, banana. End with a slice of banana and chunk of peanut butter on the top.

CRUNCH ‘N MUNCH: Combine crumbled rice cakes and dried fruit with some cream cheese and plain croutons.

PUMPKIN PIECES: Combine some plain yogurt, canned pumpkin, and cooked rice in a small baggie. Mix well inside the bag, then snip off a corner of the bag and squeeze it into the Kong toy. Freeze.

KIBBLE-SICLE: Put a glob of peanut butter into the Kong first. Then add some dry dog food. Pour in some chicken broth. Add some more peanut butter, followed by more dry dogfood. End with another glob of peanut butter at the very top. Freeze until solid.

OLD STANDBY: Soak some of your dog’s regular food in water (or chicken broth) for a brief time before placing it inside a Kong, then freeze.

MUTT & CHEESE: Melt a cube of Velveeta cheese in the microwave, until it’s gooey — not runny. Fill the Kong toy with cooked noodles. Pour cheese over noodles.

FROZEN BONZ: Mix up some bananas, unsweetened applesauce, oatmeal, peanut butter, and plain yogurt. Freeze.

CHEEZY DELIGHT: Combine small chunks of cheese (or cheese spread) with some dry dogfood and microwave until the cheese melts. Let it cool completely, then pour into the Kong toy. Freeze thoroughly.

CARB DELIGHT: Combine some canned dogfood with pasta noodles, rice, mashed potatoes, and some of your dog’s dry dog food. Freeze.

NUT CRUNCH: Take 2-3 dog biscuits and crunch them a bit into very tiny bite-sized pieces. Add a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter. Then add a couple spoonfuls of plain yogurt. Mix in bowl until soft, but not runny. Stuff inside Kong.

BABYLICIOUS: Mix together some fat-free cream cheese, peanut butter, and either sugarfree applesauce or a jar of baby food (like bananas, carrots). Cram a solid food item into the small hole at the end of the Kong, then fill with the mixture. Seal the large hole with either more cream cheese or peanut butter.

FRUITOPIA: Combine applesauce with chunks of fruit. Freeze.

PUPPY TRAIL: Fill the Kong with some cashews (unsalted) and freeze-dried liver bits. Add some dry dog food and/or dog crushed dog biscuits and some Cheerios. Drop in a spoonful of peanut butter, followed by some dried fruit. Finally, top it off by using a piece of ravioli or tortellini to close the large opening.

RED ROVER: Smear the inside of the Kong toy with peanut butter. Put a tiny piece of apple into the small hole, then drop some more apple pieces in next. Drop in a scoop of peanut butter (or cream cheese), then drop in some dog food or broken dog treats. Add another scoop of peanut butter (or cream cheese), then more apples. Plug the large opening with a final scoop of peanut butter (or cream cheese) and freeze.

FROZEN TUNA SALAD: Mix together well: 1 6oz can of light tuna, 2 T. plain yogurt, and 1/4 C. grated carrot. Spoon into KONG toy. Freeze. According to Linda G. of Mendham, NJ (as printed in the Aug ’07 Kong Newsletter), “This treat is healthy and high in Omega-3 fatty acids which contribute to healthy skin and a glistening coat.”

KONG-Iceberg-recipe-by-kolchak.jpg ICEBERG KONG: Kolchak’s mommy says: “Mix some dry and wet food together and stuff into enough Kongs to hold your dog’s supper (use different sizes & strengths to make it fun). Put them into an ice cream bucket. Mix a few squirts of dog gravy (from the pet store) with enough water to cover the Kongs. (If you really want to spoil your dog, toss in a small handful of dog treats!) Freeze the whole thing — usually takes overnight. Great for dogs who don’t each much, especially during those hot summer months. When it is frozen, run it under hot water to loosen it from the bucket and serve — outside, because it’s messy.”


A really cheap and easy way to make treats is to dehydrate them. You don’t need a dehydrator either. You can slow roast in the oven! Try canteloupe or sweet potatoes. You can even make your own meat jerky this way for your pets!

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Memorial acorns

Yesterday Klaus got a package in the mail from our breeder. He knew it was his too, sniffing and trying to rip it open. In it was the blanket we mailed them when he was still a puppy so he would be familiar with our scent. When we picked him up that day back in February, in our excitement we completely forgot it. It was obviously well scented with the dogs from von Hayden and Klaus was completely content in just laying out on it.

Also enclosed were some samples from Olewo. It’s great stuff. I had looked into it when we first got Klaus as we were feeding him raw and it came highly recommended as an additional supplement. We switched to kibble- Tast of the Wild a few months after we got him. I think after seeing how much he enjoyed the carrots and beets, we are considering adding it to his kibble!

Lastly, Kimberly had included hair from a client’s white shepherd who passed away. She was hoping I could make an acorn from it. At first glace from the picture I said yes. When I opened the package I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to make it work as it was hair that had been shaved- and were much shorter fibers. In the end though it worked and I feel confident in offering this service to owners of dogs who might not be long haired!

She also included an envelope of Nando’s fur. Nando is Klaus’ grandpa and the most amazing dog I have ever met. I have to admit I was getting teary eyed when I began felting the acorns. There was enough hair to make 7 acorns which is really great because she had plans to give one to her son who was particularly hit hard by Nando’s passing. Kimberly will also be giving one to Nando’s original owner. And as a special little treat, I found double acorn tops, so once she sends me Krush’s fur (Klaus’ brother and Nando’s grandson) I will be making her one with both Nando and Krush fur!

Looking at the clump of fur you’d think I’d have a much easier time than the short white fibers of the previous. But it was actually more difficult. Nando’s fur is much longer than even Klaus’ fur which is what I’ve mostly worked with. Couple that with breaking 2/3 felting needles- it made for an interesting time. The thicker longer fibers weren’t felting properly but with a quick little trim and all was well.

The other day I gathered a bunch of acorn caps and got them all washed and dried in anticipation of receiving the fur. I’m participating in a funky flea market come June and want to make some Klaus fur acorns to sell for a donation! There is a nice variety of sizes from dime sized to quarter sized. Last season I was only finding really small ones so this is a nice stash to have!

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My birthday and a big thank you to Camille!

It’s been a few days since I made a post. I actually have a better reason than I was just too lazy and didn’t get to it. It was my 3oth birthday Saturday and we boarded Klaus for a few days. This may paint me in a not-so-nice light as a puppy mom but it was a really nice break! Even though money is super tight right now we still wanted to celebrate in some way. How many times do you turn 30? How many times do you turn any age really? If you’re my dad you’ve celebrated your 50th birthday like 8 years in a row! But I digress…

Apparently 30 is a big deal? Anyways birthdays have always been ‘meh’ for me. But not having to rush home to take the dog out sure made it a fun few days! With Klaus gone we gave the whole house a deep cleaning- including scrubbing tile grout in the kitchen and mud room! Yes, on the last day of my 20’s I scrubbed grout. And ate pizza in front of the tv which we haven’t done since Klaus arrived- he begs and tries to sneak! We also swept the WHOLE house. We pulled out all the furniture. The plan was to live Klaus hair free for a few days but just a few days later, like magic, tufts of hair appeared again.

Saturday we went to Canada for the best fish and chips ever! And yes being young, tattooed, and having stretched ears, we do get hassled going over to Canada for a few hours just to eat fish and chips. I think this year they cut us some slack because it was my birthday so the reason was more legitimate? But it seriously is the best and worth the hassle- even my husband says the same, and he’s had fish and chips in England. Does not even compare to Don’s Fish and Chips in Brockville. We also hit up our favorite bakery in hopes of nabbing some butter tarts but sadly they were all out! We settled on some hearty loaves of bread as they were having a buy one get one free sale. And of course anywhere we travel to my husband who owns a coffee shop and roastery, we have to hit up any and all cafes in the area!

Later on Saturday night we went to Turning Stone Casino which I had never been! We usually go to the casino in Gananoque in Canada but didn’t get a chance to. I got a FREE $20 play card for the slots which I promptly lost but Jesse won $30! Turns out going to the casino on your birthday does NOT make you a winner.

Sunday was rainy and overcast so our plan to work on the yard was cut short. But we finished getting our house in order- second coats of paint etc.

Monday we spent the whole day in Philadelphia. I have always wanted to visit the Mutter Museum and finally got the chance to. For some reason I really like things in jars- even creepy things like body parts. It was much smaller than I thought it would be but it was chock full with information so it was a nice way to spend a few hours. Sadly there were no pictures allowed but imagine a wall of skulls from different parts of the world, different ages……drawers full of items retrieved from people’s stomachs, vivisections of faces. There was a section of amputated limbs from the Civil War with bullets still in them as well as the instruments used in amputations. It made me happy to be alive right now after I saw the tool they used to crush and retrieve kidney stones. People died- use your imagination!

We enjoyed coconut bubble tea in Chinatown and cherry and chocolate water ice in a quiet  secluded park. We also visited the Philly version of my husband’s cafe…….so similar it’s like deja-vu. Then of course cheesesteaks! It was still pretty early in the day when we decided we’d head for home. We have a pretty shitty vehicle and it was overheating every two miles so it was a pretty stressful ride for awhile. We were 10 miles away from the nearest rest stop and Pennsylvania’s roads are always being worked on and have no shoulders really. How is it possible that a state that is always working on road construction has such terrible roadways!?

Tuesday we picked Klaus up from Camille’s of The Bed’n Bowl. We really appreciate her approach to dog boarding. The dogs “live” in the house. They are not couped up in a cage all day long and only taken out on a 30 minute walk and play session (which most places make you pay for!). She has a large fenced in area and dogs are separated out in regards to temperament and needs. And she has over 12 1/2 years dog experience having worked at a vet’s. We always feel at ease leaving Klaus there! She is aware of his hip troubles and knowing that was generous in donating what it would have cost us to board him for 5 days to Klaus’ hip fund! It was humbling and so generous of her to do that! We really appreciate her soooooo so so very much!

Having Klaus gone for so long allowed Phoebe free roam of the house again and I think she was really happy. So happy that she is standing her ground and hanging out in the living room more. Even the two of them were on the couch together! Can we say breakthrough!?

It’s crazy how similar in color they are! Anyways, here’s to a more peaceful household with this new found tolerance between the two of them!

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FDA releases report on treats linked to poisoning

Puppy parents! Please please please be aware of what is going into your fur babies’ bellies. I shared this link awhile ago via Facebook but like the German Shepherd Community Facebook Group pointed out- unless you are active in dog circles- whether in your community or online, you might not be aware of this very serious matter!

I first learned about this a few months back when we visited Cornell. They had a number of concerned puppy parents bringing in these treats to be tested. The FDA is just now making a public report about this but the sad thing is, these treats are still on the shelves!

The following treats are now being linked to dog poisoning:

  • Waggin’ Train (Nestle Purina)
  • Canyon Creek Ranch (Nestle Purina)
  • Milo’s Kitchen Home-style Dog Treats (Del Monte)

Help other fur parents out by steering them to other treats. Make copies of this article and bring them to your local stores to raise awareness. Encourage them to no longer sell them. Some dogs get sick instantly and have no chance for recovery so it is essential that these treats are no longer sold.

Consider only buying treats made in the USA or better yet, seek out locally made treats or make them yourself!  You can make “jerky” type treats even without a dehydrator by slow roasting in the oven. Try plain organic canned pumpkin and plain yogurt frozen in ice cube trays. Try fresh veggies! Klaus loves veggies- carrots, broccoli, celery, spinach, brussel sprouts, asparagus……The list goes on.

Please read and share this article- it’s such a shame that not more people aren’t made aware of this!

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So wrong

Its midnight and 33 degrees outside. The cries and yelps from a very young husky pup has brought neighbors together in hopes of fixing this scenario. But alas we have met a dead end with calling for help. Cops will not be sent out for this matter “but here is the SPCA number”. Man this breaks my heart.

The PUPPY has been outside for hours now. It is an upstairs apartment and though the porch is covered it is still open to the elements. No food. No water. Yes it’s a cold weather breed but this isn’t right at all. It’s a puppy. It shouldn’t be left alone like that.

A bunch of our neighbors came together and with the aid of a ladder threw over the banister a blanket, and left some food and water. What concerns me is the little pup can fit through the railings, and was actually trying to jump off the porch.

I feel so helpless.Further proof the majority of people should not own animals. Pets are hard work- puppies especially.

I love my neighbors. I don’t think the newbies on the block realize what a tight knit group we are. My husband and I are talking of getting the ladder back out to go get it. Not even joking.


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I Like Helping update

I just wanted to give everyone an update about a post I made awhile back about my friend and his fundraiser through They met and surpassed their goal of $3,000 for The Barrio Planta Project- “The Barrio Planta Project is a community development, education and arts initiative that provides the children and adults from the low-income neighborhood, ‘La Planta’ in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua with free English classes. Through these classes, along with extra-curricular activities and community development projects, they are able to discover their skills, passions, confidence and pride for an overall more fulfilling, successful and rewarding life.”

In total they raised $4,178.95! How wonderful is that?!

It really is truly amazing to see the outcome of just a handful of people coming together and donating what they could- Klaus included!

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