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You’re welcome…..

*warning: the following blog has adult content and language, but I can’t stop laughing. I know other dog owners will appreciate it though…..



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gone a week

So I was gone for a week visiting with friends and once I got home I came down with something awful. Actually I am still battling it- whatever it is. Terrible cough, sore throat, just all around crappy-ness. I also had a coughing fit so severe yesterday I hurt my back! Who does that?!

Here’s a picture of the fur I swept when I got home……..

Pretty bummed that the whole time I was gone, no one (ahem, husband) couldn’t be bothered to sweep! I know he has allergies, but I would imagine leaving the piles of fur that had accumulated on the stairs and in the corner would exacerbate it! I digress.

So Klaus I’m sure missed me. I think he missed annoying the hell out of me more than anything! When I walked in he was in his crate and it was like he wasn’t sure who he was looking at! Really dog?! I was gone a week! Remember when you were “helping” me pack? Remember when you were trying to shred the inside of my luggage? Remember when you obliterated my hat?

He looks like such a good normal pup here. But let me tell you, looks can be deceiving!

I need to get back on track with his hip fundraising efforts. We are having a garage sale the end of July and I need to get back to pushing the stickers and pins I have on hand! We don’t have a specific date in August set. I have to call Cornell next week. We were holding off in regards to getting him neutered, when that was going to happen, etc. But I have to say I might hold off the neutering until he’s pretty well healed. He had a gnarly reaction to the anesthesia and I have some reservations about putting him under twice within such a short time. Unfortunately, the two surgeries can not be done at the same time due to the nature of the hip replacement 😦

It’s been really super hot here. Actually hot is an understatement! It’s been downright miserable. I am a cold weather snow girl. Always have been- probably always will be. I think Klaus also prefers the cold and snow too. He has been a bit of a brat because we can’t do his walks and training until later on when it cools. Yesterday I did take him for a short walk up the street and back down- just so he would go home and crash for a bit so I could get some work done. We have done his training in the basement- which is great for off leash stuff. I can not wait until next year when we can really begin to address the issue of our backyard and putting in a fence. With his hip, everything got pushed back. We can only realistically tackle one large money pit a year, if that! Once the fence is in, I think it’ll be good for everyone.


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More fundraising efforts!

So this past weekend, my sister and I tabled at an event held at the plaza of our local art museum- The Everson. It’s a one day event called The Funky Flea- an eclectic mix of art, craft, and flea market “junk”. The first year I got in I had to cancel when my friend’s giant French Mastiff ran into my leg from behind and tore my MCL! Last year I only brought my artwork and handicrafts- and I did alright but I learned quickly that people were NOT there to buy full priced artwork. We had pulled tons of crap aside for a garage sale and decided to bring EVERYTHING!

The weather was looking iffy for awhile. Friday it was rainy and dreary. Saturday morning brought light showers and wind but byt the time we had everything set up, we could tell it was going to be a really great day for a flea market. There were only a few times when the wind blew hard enough to rustle free a few tents. Thankfully we were anticipating these gusts and could prevent our own tent from wreaking havoc! And don’t you know, the sun came out when we began to pack up?

We did very well- over all. I sort of wished we had brought more “junk”! We had to do a lot of table rearranging to make it look nice throughout the day. I have to say it was also very hard not to spend money on things we just couldn’t live without. Thankfully, everything there I said no to. My sister on the other hand- picked up a number of really amazing items including a fantastic typewriter!

People were very interested in hearing about Klaus’ story and were generous in their donations. I had put out a jar with his story on it and had signs up explaining that all proceeds would go to his surgery. We raised $500!

Check out some of the photos from the day, including an image of a tattoo a woman got based off of one of my art prints! So flattering!!!!!!!

I didn’t grab a photo of the whole tent but I think you can get the idea. The above photo is the tattoo, slightly altered from my “Acedia” print- part of my Seven Deadly Sins series. To check out more of my artwork (I haven’t got any of my jewelry pieces up yet) click on the link to my ETSY store page:

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Your dog is so skinny……..

I’ve been hearing this a lot lately. And although I have noticed a slight growth spurt in Klaus- he appears to have grown taller- he is by no means “skinny”- as in not “enough food skinny”. Think of someone saying “skinny” in a quiet accusatory way- as if we don’t take care of him.

Want to know my take on it? I can almost guarantee that these people’s pets are overweight! And/or they are unaware of the differences within German Shepherd lines. Klaus is at the ideal weight for his age, breed, height etc. Remember now- he is a working line German Shepherd, not an American Show line. BIG difference! He is fed based on his activity level- which is minimal because of his hip, but by no means does this dog go hungry! I think a lot of times pet parents will blindly go by what is on the bag- which of course is a good stepping off point. But you have to take into consideration so much more- activity level, existing health issues, protein and carbohydrate levels, etc…….

He is not fed table scraps (I don’t agree with this for a number of reasons) but is given treats daily that include fresh veggies and peanut butter. He is even on a daily multi-vitamin of sorts for dogs! Not to mention his countless neutraceuticals.

Check out this generic chart and see where your dog fits in. Klaus is “ideal”.

A few months back Klaus was considered overweight- 85 lbs. We curtailed the type of treats we were giving him, how many he was given, as well as altered his food intake. He is down to 75 lbs. and according to Cornell, and our vet exactly where he should be.

I have been trying to inform those that make judgements but I can’t help feeling a bit snarky about it. People can cause just as much damage to their dogs by over feeding them, and not just by underfeeding them.


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