Still fundraising- any way I can!

So as a last ditch effort to raise some more money for Klaus’s surgery, I am running a sale in my ETSY store– $2.00 off all my prints, with all proceeds going straight to the little monster’s hip!

Please also check out the store section of the blog as I do have items still available. I am calling Cornell tomorrow to schedule his appointments :/ He needs an introductory one where they run various tests and xrays to see what size implant he needs and god forbids- is cancer and disease free. Then a week later is the mother of all appointments.

I worry I have not truly faced reality just yet. Financially, we will never be ready and although we have raised about 1/3 the cost I need to look more closely at our CareCredit options. I have a feeling that the 6 months interest free comes with penalties if we can’t make the minimum- which would be hundreds of dollars, depending on what the final cost is. I’m not sure if I want to risk it! Our other option is our credit union which we both have really good credit despite the debt we carry. Maybe they could help us all around with our financial dire straits concerning our credit cards?

But what I don’t think I have come to terms with yet is the rehabilitation. The real risk we face of Klaus really hurting himself after the surgery, let alone the actual risk that is the surgery! This is a big effing deal! It is coming up sooner rather than later and I have to really get everything sorted out. We will be practically living downstairs with him. Bringing him out to go to the bathroom will be an interesting feat as we have stairs at both doors. Not to mention the risk of taking him out the front door which has less steps but gets him psyched because he thinks he’s going for a ride.

I am home with the dog 99% of the time so it will fall on me to provide the utmost care for him. Am I physically capable of using the sling by myself to bring him down the steps?

I feel really bummed right now. All around. This will be THE most difficult thing I have gone through. I fear I am only now realizing a small percentage of the gravity of the situation.


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