Serious denial

Sorry folks for the lack of posts lately. I’ve had a lot on my mind- to say the least. We are 2 weeks away from his surgery and I was kidding myself when I said I was ready. I’m not. I was hoping that by creating a mantra of sorts- “you are ready, you got this”……..that I would eventually believe it.

To say that I have been stressed is an understatement. I look at Klaus and think to myself, “he has no idea the shit storm that is about to ensue”. And let’s face it, neither do I! Work life for both my husband and I has been stressful and busy- so everything all around feels stifling.

I’m feeling scared and uncertain. Emotional and uneasy. I am also feeling angry for some of the (non-approved) comments I have had to filter through “shaming” me for 1- buying a dog from a breeder and 2- asking for help in his surgery that is “undoubtedly due to bad breeding”.

I want to echo something I recently saw on Facebook- as written by someone who would do anything and everything for the breed, who promotes rescues, has rescued, but is also someone who buys from responsible breeders……


You know who is? People who think that cute puppy is just a cute cuddly ball of fur- a puppy who doesn’t have accidents, chew and rip apart furniture and shoes, who sheds and makes your eyes water.

People who won’t devote the time and energy necessary to raise an animal- responsibly and properly. People who don’t spay or neuter their animals. People who move and don’t want to bring their pets. Pet stores that create a need for backyard breeders…..I can go on and on.

We did buy Klaus from a reputable and responsible breeder who in all her years of breeding litters has NEVER had an issue like this. We got dealt a shitty card. And you know what!? We are dealing with is as best as we can. We didn’t think- well we can’t handle this so let’s dump him off onto someone else.*we are in contract with the breeder that if for ANY reason we couldn’t take care of Klaus we would give him back so he would never ever end up in a shelter.

Let me tell you this- in explaining to various people inquiring about our situation- friends and strangers alike- the sentiment that we come across more often than not is “well personally we wouldn’t do that for our dog”. “He’s just a dog- $6?! You can get a new car with that…”

Excuse me for my fiery rhetoric, but I am tired of the holier than thous out there. Don’t you dare look down on me for “asking” for help (I did set up a donation tab because people were asking, but the majority of the money raised was through items I designed and sold as well as the garage sale we had, and some of our VERY GENEROUS AND KIND close friends)- especially if you yourself probably wouldn’t do nearly as much as I have been doing for my dog. So piss off!

Ok. To cleanse everyone’s pallet of that little outburst, here are some shots of Klaus. His newest thing is to get in the tub until I turn the water on. I don’t understand him. He HATES baths, but is ok with jumping in there to lap up the water from the faucet?!

I want to take a moment to thank everyone out there who has been supportive and kind to us. All those who donated. All those who bought a print from me or crap from the garage sale. All those who are now rocking the GSD pins and stickers. Graham and Adam and everyone who donated that day at Recess Coffee. All those who have kept us in their thoughts and prayers. All those who have sent PMA our way…………….



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