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Klaus! You’ve given us no other choice!

Since Klaus has been so excited to show off his new hip by utilizing the extra space in his pen to romp about and rattle the sides- even jumping and pushing up against it, he will now be spending the majority of his time in his crate.

Sorry pal, but you have pressed your luck, when really there is no luck to press! We can not and will not risk you hurting yourself. If you fracture that implant, so help me I will have a heart attack.

A fractured implant equals emergency FHO surgery which is merely a salvage procedure and wouldn’t allow Klaus the kind of life a THR would.

He is not taking to being crated. Even with an increase in his sedatives. It’s a pretty stressful time for everyone. Imagine a two year old throwing a tantrum, all day long with only 20-60 minute breaks in between when they pass out from exhaustion!

I was happy to have access to the car today even if it was just to drive around for awhile! Like writing in this blog, driving serves its purpose as a form of therapy for me.


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Everyone has more fun without pants….

Even fur pants! Between our cat Phoebe’s furry chaps and Klaus’ inch thick coat (even more apparent now that we can see the shave line) there’s a whole lotta fur pants in this house!

How Klaus is shaved makes him look like he’s misplaced his pair.


We are starting to see more and more glimpses of the good ole Klaus we knew before the surgery. I’m being slightly snarky as this behavior does not bode well for taking it easy and embracing the whole rehabilitation process.

Cue rattling the crate. Lots of barking. Pacing. Whining. Just relax dog!

Once we are finished with one of the meds we will be able to play around more with when we give him his sedative. This one med has to be given two hours before or after his last med given.

Its a tricky schedule when you consider some must be taken with food. Some are every 8 hours, others are every 12 hours.

I’m currently waiting for his meds to kick in so I can get to some housework without him trying to get out of his crate.

The incision site looks great still. I can’t wait until we can take his idiot collar off. The edema looks like its cleared up but the inside of his leg bears the obvious trauma sustained from pounding an implant into the bone- lots of bruising.


It’s sad to have to hold the bone or toy in front of him to chew because he can’t hold onto it himself, let alone get to it. But for the love of our pets right?


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Well that was short lived

I know Klaus would start feeling better sooner than his leg had time to heal. But three days after!? He is back to acting like his insolent bratty self!

Damn son! I thought at least a few more days. It started with him standing at attention and barking with intent- way too early this morning. Just like he used to do to let us know “hey humans! It is time I awoke to greet the day!”.

We have moved our bed downstairs into the living room to avoid all our stairs. It sucks because I am awake as soon as the sun is up. So Klaus? I would appreciate at least two more hours.


That is our bed- hastily made so it looks presentable and not so crazy should people stop by? Yeah I’ll just keep pretending too.

He then proceeded to lock his jaw up when I gave him his first round of meds- which is a liquid slurry injected into the mouth with a syringe. Mind you he has gladly taken it the other days.

Then as my husband walked by his pen he jumped up as if to greet him!

Jeezy creezy dog! Take it down a notch. Please? I am suffering horribly from anxiety/heartburn/palpitations already with this nonsense.

Oh and I pulled out another grey hair yesterday- thank you very much Klaus!

I wish I knew how to cope better. I am sure I am being paranoid about most everything I am worrying about. But this is such a big franken deal. Last night I noticed the inside of his leg was looking particularly “bulbous”.


I thought maybe it just looked so severe because he was shaved. Maybe it was just his muscle? The other side didn’t feel like it so turn on the worry wort button.

I emailed the picture to the surgeon who I assumed would get back to me Monday. I got a reply this morning! Thank you thank you thank you!

It’s edema or fluid build up. Should go away within a week. I noticed it looking much smaller today.

Yes we are paranoid parents! But what do you want? We just spent $5k on our dog. If something were to happen with the implant it would be a serious deal!

We have two weeks before the ecollar comes off. Once it’s off he will be able to chew on his bones which will help keep him occupied. Until then I will pretend his incessant whining are birds chirping in the background as I swing and relax in a hammock on my own secluded tropical island.

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Shit just got real

Klaus is home! That exclamation point isn’t necessarily of excitement but rather more of an indication of the sheer terror I am feeling. I got so worked up earlier I threw up! And I HATE throwing up. I can usually think through it.

His surgery went well. I wished I had made this post yesterday when I had time and wasn’t feeling so clouded in the head. We dropped him off Wednesday night. Because he was so nervous when they took him away for his initial exam, they gave him dexmedetomidine before we left so we could day goodbye without him losing his mind. I had to laugh at just how instant it took effect. We were told 20 minutes. It took 5! I’m the same damn way so apparently he truly is my fur child!

His surgery was Thursday morning at ten and I was told no news is good news. I got a call around three with an update. Like I said, surgery went well but he had a complication involving regurgitation. They cleaned out his mouth and nose as best they could but he was essentially suffering from rhinitis because the stomach contents burned the nasal passages. There was/is cause for concern with developing pneumonia should he regurgitate again and it gets in his lungs. His medicine tract includes meds to help with this.

The plan was to walk, yes walk! and feed him around 8. I received a call with concern for how groggy he still was. I explained he tends to act like that for 8-10 hours after anesthesia! His body temp was also really low still so they pushed his dinner time and walk to ten.

We were anticipating having to bring him home today as the surgeons felt it best because of his anxiety. I admit I wanted him kept longer because I am terribly concerned about him hurting himself. My husband had to work in preparation for an event tomorrow so I went to get him by myself. I checked in and went over the bill. The grand total with our hospital grant discount was $4,899.64. Phew! Even with all the fundraising it’s still a tough bill to swallow.

Going over all the discharge papers was super tough. We have to be firm and diligent in his rehabilitation. Also for the rest of his life we are on infection watch. Any infection he develops could ultimately go to the implant and cause it to break down. They showed me the femoral head they removed. In radiographs it doesn’t look so bad but check this out….

You can’t tell from this angle but it is half the size (height) it should be. That red worn spot is from where the cartilage broke down. That little piece is a bone spur! Poor boy. He received a hybrid implant which means the long part of the implant was cemented into the femur. The acetebellum (sp) is cementless.

It took three people to get him into the car. He became anxious and tried to rush the car. At this point I was so scared. I felt bad crating him with the e-collar because it was such a tight spot. But I just couldn’t risk him getting too crazy. He did fine on the ride home. Only whining and fidgeting a few times.

Getting him into the house was pretty gnarly. The meds he received at 4 had set in and he was super wobbly. I have concerns about bringing him in and out of the house to go to the bathroom by myself because it was terrible with two people and a sling! He is currently resting. Sometimes snoring. Obviously uncomfortable and unsure of his footing.



Sorry for such a long post! It’s been awhile and there was so much to write about. Keep us in your thoughts. Thank you everyone for your kindness and support so far. Thank you so much to the surgical team at Cornell.

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October 19, 2012 · 8:52 pm

I promise

I am so very sorry for the lack of posts. I took a break for my own sanity to separate myself from what I have deemed the “Klaus mental takeover”. I promise promise promise with my little human heart, that I will sit down and write a proper post very soon (maybe tonight).

Klaus had his surgery today and it has been an utter and total whirlwind of stress and anxiety. I have barely had a chance to call and notify everyone of his status.

Stay tuned lovelies!


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