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RIP Drake

Not to rain (or snow) on anyone’s terrific weekend but this is such a terrible tragic story that deserves your attention.

Drake, a retired K9 officer, was shot 4 times during a burglary at his owner, Highway Patrol trooper Bobby Boody’s home. Get this, by a 16 year old who was staking the place for more weapons?! He was beginning to look like he was going to make a positive turn but the vet feared the wounds in his neck were too severe. His suspicions were confirmed when he flew him to have a cat scan done. Sadly, he had to be put to sleep.

If you are as saddened and outraged by this story as I was consider writing to the Office of the State Attorney – Peter Antonacci -State Attorney 15th Judicial Circuit, State of Florida.
401 North Dixie Highway.
West Palm Beach, FL 33401.
561-355-7100 (Phone)
561-366-1800 (Fax)
1-800-353-3859 (Toll Free).

Below is a form letter written by a member of the German Shepherd Dog Community on Facebook:

I am writing you today in reference to the burglary of Trooper Boody’s home and the subsequent shooting death of his retired police K9, Drake. I believe that the audacious act of violence on the “juvenile shooter’s” part indicates an extreme lack of conscience. This burglary was planned well in advance in spite of the fact that he was already on probation and being monitored with GPS device for a similar offense. The suspect shot a defenseless animal who was trying to defend his home through a glass door. He then shot him again multiple times with absolutely no remorse. Due to the fact that his goal was to gain more guns and they targeted Trooper Boody’s house for that sole purpose, we believe that he needs to be tried as an adult and punished as same. He and his cohorts need to be put away for a long time not only as punishment for what they have done, but before one of them kills a human innocent. The violence, damage, and heartbreak around the world that they have already caused calls for nothing less. Drake’s soul cries out for justice. Please do not let his death be in vain.



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Give thanks

On this day (after)  of giving thanks, I can’t help but think of the obvious things I am thankful for…, friends, a roof over my head, a kitchen full of food- albeit frozen and mostly in need of preparing, etc.

You know, what everyone is thankful for. Usually.

I must interrupt this bout of obvious with a splash of sass.

I am coming off of a three day bender of Klaus’ tantrums- one lasting 8 hours- this occurring after I ran all over hell’s creation running last minute errands. All I wanted was a moments peace to sit and drink a blasted cup of tea! Alas there is no such thing as a moment’s peace in a house with a 5 weeks THR post op dog.

Couple that with his tantrums starting at 8 in the morning these last two days I’ve reached my stress level mental breakdown limit, to say the least. At this point in time, I am thankful to still be able to hold onto any shred of sanity. Here is a 25 second clip of one of his tantrums. I apologize for the darkness but it’s only the audio you should concern yourself with. This is also early on from his surgery so imagine this for 8 hours straight but louder and more intense. I will snap a photo of his crate that he has bent as well so you can hopefully appreciate the intensity of his freak outs some more!

Another thing I am thankful for? My hearing. I seem to be unable to shove my earplugs far enough into the canal to even take the edge off. The fact I can still hear, is a testament to the lack of damage I have done (and Klaus has done) thus far.

I am thankful I haven’t given in to the drink, because lord help me I have considered all the things that would take the edge off. And that my dears is just too reminiscent of my father’s alcoholic days – and in the end just really pitiful.

I am thankful we can begin short walks with him this week because I foresee them helping to tire him out. He has had two already and he has done great- though he wasn’t as tired as I had hoped after.

I am thankful my husband is now truly enlightened to Klaus’ over the top tantrums and is more understanding to why I am in such a terrible mood 12 plus hours out of the day.

One day at a time right? I am trying to stay realistic about the situation, it is really stupid all around- especially for Klaus- he is after all the one locked up on the crate. It’s just very hard when one- you can’t hear yourself think to talk yourself out of a total cloud of rage and two- there is no moment of peace or joy during my day except when my head hits that pillow at night. I would think 5 weeks in, his tantrums and fits would be more manageable and tolerable, and dare I say less frequent? How is it things have only increased in intensity and terrible-ness?

In the end I really do hope everyone had a moment’s peace to relax and enjoy their family and friend’s company. I am also very thankful for the opportunity to have left the house yesterday and shared such a beautiful meal with my in-laws!



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The half way mark and mid morning muggings!

Can I just exclaim to the whole wide world the immense beam of joy that I am feeling, meeting the half way mark of Klaus’ post op!?

Because despite the ulcer that I have more than likely developed, stressed induced by Prince Anxiety himself, WE ARE HALFWAY THERE!

Of course we ARE assuming he is healing as he should be. But still. Only 4 franken more weeks of this crate nonsense.

Next order of business. Mid morning mugging. I was not mugged but still am super upset that a neighbor two houses down was! During the day! 11 am to be precise!

I take this and any and all stupid bullshit that affects my neighbors and street in a negative way, very seriously.

We are blocks away from a not so nice street and just about in the student housing area of the university neighborhoods. We’ve had stupid stuff happen- car break ins, vandalism, etc but never something serious like this.

We have a neighborhood watch group as well as a streetwide Facebook page that keeps everyone connected. We are a strong knit group who get together for parties and picnics. We are the epitome of the 1950’s “can I borrow a cup of sugar” type neighborhood.

The good news? Our postman came to the rescue and stopped it

Even though I don’t know his name, I thank him and appreciate what he did! So thank you Mr. Vigilante Kick Ass Postal Carrier! Seriously.

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Three weeks!

That’s right folks, it’s been three weeks since the surgery and you can color me surprised by how fast Klaus has been healing.

Yes he was walking the day of surgery but aside from the shaved fur you’d never know he had surgery! He’s so full of energy. Here’s a pic of his fur pants growing in. The incision looks great.


It’s all so exciting but terrifying all at once! He is back to barking and freaking out at the neighbors. He is pulling super hard on the leash. His tantrums haven’t subsided.

The other night Klaus broke out of his crate! Thank goodness we were home. But I hope that paints a better picture of the type of energy we are dealing with and trying to contain.

We have reinforced his crate and thank goodness Cornell sent us new meds to try. We are unable to increase the dose on the trazadone so we have another rx in our arsenal.

Next week we can start rehab. Though we can’t afford it right now we are going in for one appointment so we can get a refresher course on the types of exercises we should be doing. Also we can begin three short walks a day.

Which I have to say I’m super excited about. The other day all I wanted was to take Klaus for a walk. I wonder if any of my neighbors would let me walk their dogs?

He’s sitting straighter in the hip and even stood on his right leg to pee! Pretty mundane to most but a big deal for us. I look forward to next spring when we can get back to puppy play dates and back on track with his training!

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Death to the “idiot collar”

We removed his cone of shame, and not a moment too soon! I don’t think it would have lasted another day.


That was two days ago. Here is what’s left…..



He is definitely a much happier pup. Way more comfortable that’s for sure. I even caught him sleeping on his back, paws curled close and pointing to the air like the good ole days!

I was able to grab one last “tug at your heart strings” shot last night before we removed it…..


When he stuck his big little paw through the crate for me to scratch, I actually forgot what a little shit he’s been. I know, I know. What do I expect? He’s bored and cranky and wants out.


Two weeks. Now that’s perspective! Things get easier each day that passes. The idiot collar removal has helped his mood and from there it has been a domino effect. Less stress all around!

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Meet Taz


This is Taz, a 6 year old working K9 from Ohio who recently had a gnarly surgery on his neck to remove a mass. Biopsy came back negative for cancer but positive for a staph infection that rapidly grew around his trachea. An infection like that can kill a dog very quickly so I am writing this post as a reminder to all pet owners out there to keep an eye on even mundane abnormalities.

The vet thinks he might have stepped on a thorn or stick- something you wouldn’t even think to worry about.

I am reminded of the constant diligence my husband and will need to exhibit in keeping Klaus infection free with his implant. I know a lot of times we can go crazy self diagnosing ourselves, and our pets, usually worrying for nothing. But this is a great example of worrying and acting.

Taz’s handler’s concern and quick thinking, saved his life. Heal fast Taz! Klaus sends his love.

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Alright, that’s it!

(this was supposed to have posted a week ago! WordPress what gives!?)

Not sure if its the PMS talking but I am literally on my last bit of energy reserve in dealing with Klaus’ tantrums. When I say I suffer from cramps each month- it is a severe understatement. My pain is so intense I pass out, either from my blood pressure dropping or from my body being utterly exhausted from battling with myself.

Of all the days I could use a break from Klaus’ barking and whining, today would be the day. Except I can’t even stand let alone walk out that door. Klaus, I am begging you. Please understand me when I say, this isn’t a forever thing. When you are all healed we will have all your friends over. You can eat all the peanut butter you want. If you want to chase the cat, I’ll even let you do that.

Just please please pretty please lay down and fall asleep for like an hour so I can breathe through this pain. I swear, every time you bark my ovaries pulse with electrifying pain!

I appear to be having difficulty uploading video. I wanted to show you all a snippet of my time spent with Klaus and his freak outs.

I’ve put a call into Cornell hoping they can help us out. My husband and I spend time with Klaus in the pen- giving him love (and cuddles if his majesty will allow) when possible. We let him chew on bones and raw hides. I’ve even started tying the leash around my waist to give him more time outside the crate while keeping him safe.

How can you reason with a dog? You can’t really. You can only take it day by day.

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