Give thanks

On this day (after)  of giving thanks, I can’t help but think of the obvious things I am thankful for…, friends, a roof over my head, a kitchen full of food- albeit frozen and mostly in need of preparing, etc.

You know, what everyone is thankful for. Usually.

I must interrupt this bout of obvious with a splash of sass.

I am coming off of a three day bender of Klaus’ tantrums- one lasting 8 hours- this occurring after I ran all over hell’s creation running last minute errands. All I wanted was a moments peace to sit and drink a blasted cup of tea! Alas there is no such thing as a moment’s peace in a house with a 5 weeks THR post op dog.

Couple that with his tantrums starting at 8 in the morning these last two days I’ve reached my stress level mental breakdown limit, to say the least. At this point in time, I am thankful to still be able to hold onto any shred of sanity. Here is a 25 second clip of one of his tantrums. I apologize for the darkness but it’s only the audio you should concern yourself with. This is also early on from his surgery so imagine this for 8 hours straight but louder and more intense. I will snap a photo of his crate that he has bent as well so you can hopefully appreciate the intensity of his freak outs some more!

Another thing I am thankful for? My hearing. I seem to be unable to shove my earplugs far enough into the canal to even take the edge off. The fact I can still hear, is a testament to the lack of damage I have done (and Klaus has done) thus far.

I am thankful I haven’t given in to the drink, because lord help me I have considered all the things that would take the edge off. And that my dears is just too reminiscent of my father’s alcoholic days – and in the end just really pitiful.

I am thankful we can begin short walks with him this week because I foresee them helping to tire him out. He has had two already and he has done great- though he wasn’t as tired as I had hoped after.

I am thankful my husband is now truly enlightened to Klaus’ over the top tantrums and is more understanding to why I am in such a terrible mood 12 plus hours out of the day.

One day at a time right? I am trying to stay realistic about the situation, it is really stupid all around- especially for Klaus- he is after all the one locked up on the crate. It’s just very hard when one- you can’t hear yourself think to talk yourself out of a total cloud of rage and two- there is no moment of peace or joy during my day except when my head hits that pillow at night. I would think 5 weeks in, his tantrums and fits would be more manageable and tolerable, and dare I say less frequent? How is it things have only increased in intensity and terrible-ness?

In the end I really do hope everyone had a moment’s peace to relax and enjoy their family and friend’s company. I am also very thankful for the opportunity to have left the house yesterday and shared such a beautiful meal with my in-laws!




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