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My apologies a million times over! Where the eff have the weeks gone!? Would you believe we surpassed the 8 week post op mark and I didn’t even commemorate it with a blog post?!

I am terribly behind on everything it seems. The thing is, time got away from me. It was Thanksgiving and then I was flung into the holidays- my most favoritest (yes I said favoritest) time of the year- so the focus turned to the tree.

Which last year I didn’t bother putting up. I was so tired from Klaus’ antics I don’t know if I could bear to keep a constant vigil on the tree while he was still teething and up to no good. But! This year considering he has had to be crated I said ‘to hell with you Klaus’- I am putting this tree up.

You know what? I did and he barked the whole freaking time but he will learn to love and leave the tree alone. I don’t have many moments of joy in my life, what with his incessant barking (yes he is still on lock down but we will get to that shortly), so being able to look over and see the tree all aglow, has had a considerable calming effect on my psyche. Check this glorious sight out!

I put this beast up all by myself. I dragged the bag up from the basement and put it together and decorated it therefore my “stupid jester hat” tree topper will continue to remain the supreme leader in tree topping decorations, or until my husband wants to lend a hand and have a go with his boring star topper! Ps- did I mention he is stupidly allergic to pine so I have had to resort to a fake one? No matter, it means I can leave it up longer without worrying about watering it.


Following the raising of the tree I discovered Klaus had what I could only assume was ring worm. I tried to best capture it in photo form but it was in his ear and he was such a a baby about me touching it.


It’s hard to see, very faint in this picture but you can see the bottom half of the “ring” right where his ear tattoo is. At first I thought I had rubbed his ear a bit too hard after cleaning it one day, the ring looked like an irritated vein. However the next day it was obvious- or so I thought, that what I was looking at was ringworm. All I could think was how in the sam hell did this happen?! He had been crated for weeks. But then I thought well maybe he picked it up on the walk? In my self diagnosis research I learned picking it up from outside is rather rare.

Because Klaus has an implant that can never be attacked by any sort of infection we nabbed a saturday appointment with the vet and she was just as perplexed. It looked like a duck but it didn’t quack like a duck- meaning it didn’t fluoresce under black light like ringworm usually does. They took a swab and sent us home with some meds and I cursed Klaus for continuing to surprise and perplex everyone- at the expense to our dwindling bank account. In the end it wasn’t ringworm thank god because I went into total grossed out panic mode. Washing everything. Wiping everything down. Hand washing the floors with a diluted bleach solution. Which is good in preventing it from spreading, but my intention was to prevent myself from picking it up! In hind sight if it was the worm (which is misleading as it really isn’t a worm but rather a bacteria, but still gross!) we all would have gotten it!

After that debacle was a weekend of two craft shows I was tabling at. One was a total success actually my best one yet. The second one, not so much. Here is a picture of my table from the first day.


Just a taste of the handicrafts my busy little hands have been working on. I am trying to broaden my scope and reach with more markets as I want this to no longer just be a way so supplement my freelance work- but rather a viable and fantastic way to make some money!

I still feel a little light headed from the last two weeks and I am trying to remember if there was anything else that had my head in a whirl spin! Oh yes, one of my larger design clients had soooo many things for me to do to get ready for the new year. Everytime I checked something off the list I looked to see 3 more were added. Things are slowing down now, at least for the next two weeks but soon after that we are launching a new look which means all the packaging- think 30 years plus of products, need to be updated and photographed. Honestly though I am looking forward to this!

Anyways, KLAUS. Yes let’s talk about Klaus for a moment since this in fact his blog. He will be 9 weeks post op this Thursday. Friday he will have his radiograph recheck and I am almost positive he will be in the all clear. Things mellowed out for a little while when we started allowing him to chill with us on the floor. We stopped one of the anti-anxiety meds because they were having the complete opposite effect on him.

His poor crate! I will take some pics I promise. We tried to reinforce it with clasps that he has stretched out. He has the bars bent in a few places. Last night he freaked out so badly he broke open again! I come home to find the crate has moved 3 feet from the wall! I can not wait to get the all clear so we can start working him again.

He is sitting more square than I have EVER seen him, even leaning on his operated hip to lift his leg. I don’t see him in any pain really though I tend to give him a pain pill if we had a walk during a cold day as the temp seems to affect him. The only true concern I have is his muscle atrophy. I know it will be some time to build it back up, but if only you could truly see and feel how lumpy his leg is- between the bone and implant, it’s just gross feeling.

We didn’t get him into rehab. We just didn’t have the extra money sadly, so I worked on what I remembered- stretching, massage, exercises etc. The walks I think are helping immensely.

Here are some pics of the brat….20121208_001808

He’s been super cuddly lately which I love! I have never had a dog be so independent- he feels like a cat sometimes- “no pet me only right this second”.


And just because I can and because this is what I see more than I would like to, I thought I’d share this gem. Klaus will be neutered as soon as we can financially do it and most definitely when he gets the all clear from the surgeons on his hip. Fingers crossed he chills out, though I have heard mixed things about their temperament after a castration.


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