We will be offering unique items, sold for a donation towards the cost of surgery. The following items are currently available but be sure to check back regularly as I will be adding more very soon!

The security stickers are front facing vinyl stickers, with the adhesive on the front side so they can be placed on windows. They are sized at roughly 3.25″x3.5″ and are $3.00 a piece, shipping included.

von Hayden security sticker

The GSD Oval stickers are 3″x5″ weatherproof vinyl and are perfect for adhering to your car. Though bigger in size in relation to the window stickers, they were considerably cheaper to make. That is why the difference in price. They sell for $3.00 with the price of shipping included.

Each button set contain 5- 1″ buttons for $4.00 plus shipping and handling, since they don’t mail so easily in a regular envelope! They can be worn as a grouping or as single pins. The “GSD Silhouette” set features a metallic silver background.

Felted Dog Fur Acorn Ornaments- $6.00 plus shipping. You supply your own dog’s fur and mail it to me and I send you back a felted acorn made from your dog’s fur! Once purchased I will email you with more details as to how much fur I need and where to mail it to. Please allow for natural variations in your dog’s fur as well as the size, shape and color of the acorn cap.


4 responses to “Store

  1. Mari Morgan

    One of my first GSD littermate brothers I named Klaus. I love that name. I look forward to meeting him at the Rainbow Bridge sometime!

    • Mari, I’m sorry I’m just now responding to this comment! We love it too. It appears to be pretty unique as we’ve only heard from a handful of people who have named their dogs Klaus. He was from the “K” litter and we wanted to keep within the German themed names.

  2. hennie

    just looked at the items you sell.
    I like them much.
    what is an acorn? never heard of it.

    love, hennie

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