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A penny for Penny!

On the eve of Klaus’ freedom walk I am reminded of the journey it took to get here. A very long, stressful, and EXPENSIVE journey. It’s a journey that sadly a lot of pet owners must travel. I want to bring to your attention the journey of a boxer named Penny. I stumbled upon her story via instagram and couldn’t help but feel like such a mother hen to her and her parents- I just wanted to take them under my wing and say it will be alright. Penny just struck a chord with me……


From her owners:

2012 was a rough year. We’ve paid over 4000+ in vet bills just in these last two years. My first pup, a 2 year old boxer, had a catastrophic heart attack at only 2 years old. His heart couldn’t go on regardless of how much we tried saving him. He passed away in my arms as I was running into the emergency room. Roughly, about 8 months later, my female boxer was really sad and depressed all the time and had slowed down. We then learned that she had been diagnosed with early stages of hip dysplasia, quickly we looked for the best possible way to aid her pain and get her back to 100%. We had a procedure done, that cost us 2500 dollars, called Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy. She showed great improvements and her pain was gone, the stem cells had done their job. She was getting ready to start her rehabilitation therapy to get her muscle growing back again and get her back in shape, and that was going to cost us another 1200 dollars. Out of nowhere she started limping in her right hind leg. Just this last week we found out that she had torn both cruciate ligaments in both knees (ACL Tear). Now she needs surgeries in her in both of her knees that are going to cost 3800 dollars total plus rehabilitation. Recently, my job has slowed down a lot. I hardly get by with rent and still paying off these vet bills that just have been racking up and now we need to have these procedures done and we are completely drained credit and savings both I’m not asking for much and I never ask for any help, but I’m in desperate need for my dog’s wellbeing. All I want is for them to live a normal and happy life. If anyone can donate anything at all, anything is appreciated; I would greatly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. My dogs are like my kids I will die for them


Heartbreaking right? Not only is the passing of their other pup still fresh in their minds, but they are struggling with trying to get Penny back to being a dog again. There are a bunch of ways you can help out:

Their CHIPIN site: http://savepennyboxer.chipin.com/help-penny-the-boxer

PayPayl donations to: savepennyboxer@gmail.com

Their friend has generously set up a sale through her ETSY store: “Use code: SAVEPENNY to take 20% off your entire order and half the proceeds go towards a great cause! Penny is a 2-year-old boxer who has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and two torn ACL’s. She is in a lot of pain and desperately needs surgery! To donate directly, send anything you can to savepennyboxer@gmail.com through paypal! Thank you!”

I’ve already placed an order for a custom embroidery and will gladly donate as much as I can. Seriously folks, even a small donation helps. I speak from experience. It is beyond humbling to have to ask for help. It’s even more humbling when people come forth with their generosity. Please help them out in any way you can- this includes spreading the word of Penny!

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Diagnosis: hip dysplasia. Now what?

I promise even though I haven’t had a chance to sit down and write, I have felt the inspiration and have been roughing a few out in my head.

First off I am such a bad puppy parent to not fully celebrate Klaus’ second birthday which was Jan 3. But let’s be honest, the little shit got a great gift this year- a new hip and a new lease on life. So that’s that. Here are some baby Klaus pics that are still some of my favorite!





It got me thinking about the lengths some owners will go through in hopes of prolonging or bettering their pets lives. That’s not to discredit those who aren’t able to- whether financially or emotionally. But lets face it, whether or not good ol Uncle Sam recognizes them as true tax write offable offspring, they are our children and just as time consuming and money draining as “real” kids are.

So when an owner squares off with the diagnosis “your dog has hd” (or any other terrible condition), its devastating to say the least and is just as difficult to deal with if you were hearing the same thing about any of your loved ones.

In response to an awful lot of sad news I’ve seen via Klaus’ instagram followers- I want to really focus on our diagnosis, journey and experience in hopes of shedding some light, and well, hope really.

Our end result is so very close. We are two weeks shy of Klaus having total freedom again. January 20 is our “all systems go” day.

It has been tough, and not one Im looking forward to doing again. His left hip’s arthritis has progressed noticabley since his last radiographs. It is my hope that he will continue to use his bionic hip more and therefore lessen the stress on the left. But I suppose we will get there when (and if) we get there.

Afterall, our decision to do a total hip replacement was in fact a salvage surgery for the left in repairing of the right. It was one of the main reasons why we went with the “cadillac” of hip surgeries.

1.In the beginning………. In the beginning we had our concerns. Concerns we swayed with online diagnosis underlined with naivete and hope. Large breed dogs are known to go through rather painful growth spurts and subsequently growing pains aka panosteitis and we had ourselves convinced that the lameness and bunny hopping and super sleepy days were the result of pano. Around this time we were doing agility and everyone I spoke with, the trainers and other dog owners who experienced the same, all said “he’ll be ok. he’ll grow out of it. you’ll see”. Except what we saw was a detirioration in his gait- lots of swishing and swaying and total reluctance to sit. His stance was anything but square, rather crooked and he’d push his bad hip out when he sat. He’d slip and yelp out in pain and lay there for a moment.

2. Diagnosis………. I don’t understand gut feelings but I think it’s important to really listen to your intuition, you know “better safe than sorry”. Despite all the reassurrances we knew something wasn’t right. We couldn’t wait and see any longer. We had to know. Our vet took raidiographs and our suspicions were confirmed but could not be 100% verified until we met with the orthopedic surgeon.

3. Hindsight and the blame game………. Hindsight is great to have after the fact (and is only available after the fact). Had we tried to not convince ourselves otherwise, we might have been able to get him into an earlier procedure, a Triple Pelvic Osteotomy (TPO). But it’s important not to dawdle or dwell but rather trudge forward with the task at hand. When we got the diagnosis, and after I completely broke down into a fit of swearing and tears I began to play the blame game. Why did we wait to get him diagnosed? Did we switch his food up too fast and therefore encouraged growth too fast? Did we let him play and run too much as a pup? Did we not look hard enough into his lines? In the end shit sometimes happens. I won’t say I didn’t continue to struggle with blame and guilt along the way, because I did. But I know our decision to not turn our back on our family member was a justifiable one- and one I still continue to have to justify to this day. * You won’t believe the nastiness I still combat with because Klaus is from a breeder!

4. Research………. Anytime someone is faced with a super hard surgical decision, it seems obvious that knowledge is power. In our case it was utterly and exhaustingly overwhelming- though very much necessary. I took this project head on and on a daily basis. It felt like a part time job. I began looking into any and all options, including some not so conventional ones. I sent away for brochures and literature. I signed up for message boards. I desperately sought out any and all tidbits of information that would help me make this decision. And ultimately only you can make this decision- something many times I wished someone else would for me. I asked the vets if Klaus was their dog what they would do- with mixed opinions.

5. Second opinions………. Get at least one other opinion. Though our second opinion was spot on with the first, we discovered a much better fit financially with Cornell, a teaching school and subsequently a much better fit bed-side manner wise. Our first surgeon quoted us at $7-9k and was rather gruff about everything. Cornell quoted us $4-6k with our final cost around $5k. I recommend really seeking out a teaching college. But regardless of where you go you must feel comfortable.

6. Brainstorm………. I don’t know about you but my husband and I live paycheck to paycheck. He owns his own business and I was faced with having to make a tough transition of full time employment with benefits to self employment and freelance- a transition that even on the best day is fleeting and not consistent in pay! Being a crafty person by nature and a designer at heart I set to work creating items I would sell in hopes of raising the funds. At the pressing of friends and family and even perfect strangers, we were encouraged to create a donation page. Consider creating a blog- not only as a way for people to get to know you and your pet, but I know in the end it was integral to my sanity.  Have a garage sale- or two- or three. I did a lot of research on grants for vet bills. It is a permanent page on my blog that can be found here: aid for vet bills. Although sadly a lot of these organizations are tapped out financially it doesn’t hurt to try and apply. You won’t know if you qualify until you do.

7. CareCredit………. If you haven’t already at this time applied for CareCredit, you should definitely do so. Most places won’t even consider your application or plea for help until you do so. It can be used for many other health care related issues, not just for pets but for humans as well! Makes me think I should probably consider a trip to the dentist with it 🙂

8. In the meantime………. In preparation for Klaus’ surgery we were tasked with the almost impossible need to keep him restrained to prevent his hip from popping out. How can someone restrict a puppy?! Remember Klaus was diagnosed around 8 months old. It broke our heart to prevent him from being a puppy but we had to. He was leashed at all times. Puppy play dates were essentially canceled- at least the free roaming ones. We began physical therapy, increased his supplements, massage and stretching. Depending on your diagnosis, you may be lucky enough to find that putting them on supplements and adding a swimming regiment is just enough. We kept Klaus trim and lean and switched out his treats for ones with added MSM and Glucosamine.We prepared our home for Klaus’ 8 weeks of confinement. We moved our bed downstairs. We created a penned area for him with extra padding. Consolidated his beds into one fluffy pile.

9. Be flexible………. Despite all the preparation we did it was important for us to be able to adapt and be flexible. Things we originally thought would help us- a larger penned area, one in the living room and one in the office- did not work a week after his surgery. He was anxious all the time and attempted to get out. The crate, though it broke our heart, was our best friend. What also worked better than I thought was leaving him crated in the living room while I did work in the office- out of sight.

10. Set aside alone time……….Whether that means straight up “me” time or making it a point for you and your significant other to get out of the house and not think about your troubles at home. There were plenty of times I just needed to go driving. My husband would come home and find me sitting on the kitchen floor, hands over my ears to drown out the barking, streams of tears running down my face. Though we didn’t have a lot of extra cash, my husband and I attempted date nights still. It was important and necessary as a way to destress. I imagine it works the same in any sort of stressful scenario- sometimes normalcy, even if it’s just pretending, is just what you need to feel grounded again. I know it helped to snap me out of the shit storm.

In the end would we do it again? YES! Given our particular scenario we would. And every owner and their pet is different. Klaus has what we hope is a long life ahead of him. We weighed the risks and outcomes of the surgeries and took a gamble financially that seemingly has paid off in the end. We have a dog who is ready and waiting for the go ahead to run and play again. *Though ask us this question again should we be faced with a THR on the left (I am leaning towards an FHO should the need arise).

The only advice I can give other pet owners is arm yourself with as much information as possible and really talk it out. Make a list of pros and cons. If you pray, pray. This decision as difficult as it is, is yours alone to make. All you can do is keep the love for your pet in mind, and everything else should fall into place. I hope other pet owners find solace in that.

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My apologies a million times over! Where the eff have the weeks gone!? Would you believe we surpassed the 8 week post op mark and I didn’t even commemorate it with a blog post?!

I am terribly behind on everything it seems. The thing is, time got away from me. It was Thanksgiving and then I was flung into the holidays- my most favoritest (yes I said favoritest) time of the year- so the focus turned to the tree.

Which last year I didn’t bother putting up. I was so tired from Klaus’ antics I don’t know if I could bear to keep a constant vigil on the tree while he was still teething and up to no good. But! This year considering he has had to be crated I said ‘to hell with you Klaus’- I am putting this tree up.

You know what? I did and he barked the whole freaking time but he will learn to love and leave the tree alone. I don’t have many moments of joy in my life, what with his incessant barking (yes he is still on lock down but we will get to that shortly), so being able to look over and see the tree all aglow, has had a considerable calming effect on my psyche. Check this glorious sight out!

I put this beast up all by myself. I dragged the bag up from the basement and put it together and decorated it therefore my “stupid jester hat” tree topper will continue to remain the supreme leader in tree topping decorations, or until my husband wants to lend a hand and have a go with his boring star topper! Ps- did I mention he is stupidly allergic to pine so I have had to resort to a fake one? No matter, it means I can leave it up longer without worrying about watering it.


Following the raising of the tree I discovered Klaus had what I could only assume was ring worm. I tried to best capture it in photo form but it was in his ear and he was such a a baby about me touching it.


It’s hard to see, very faint in this picture but you can see the bottom half of the “ring” right where his ear tattoo is. At first I thought I had rubbed his ear a bit too hard after cleaning it one day, the ring looked like an irritated vein. However the next day it was obvious- or so I thought, that what I was looking at was ringworm. All I could think was how in the sam hell did this happen?! He had been crated for weeks. But then I thought well maybe he picked it up on the walk? In my self diagnosis research I learned picking it up from outside is rather rare.

Because Klaus has an implant that can never be attacked by any sort of infection we nabbed a saturday appointment with the vet and she was just as perplexed. It looked like a duck but it didn’t quack like a duck- meaning it didn’t fluoresce under black light like ringworm usually does. They took a swab and sent us home with some meds and I cursed Klaus for continuing to surprise and perplex everyone- at the expense to our dwindling bank account. In the end it wasn’t ringworm thank god because I went into total grossed out panic mode. Washing everything. Wiping everything down. Hand washing the floors with a diluted bleach solution. Which is good in preventing it from spreading, but my intention was to prevent myself from picking it up! In hind sight if it was the worm (which is misleading as it really isn’t a worm but rather a bacteria, but still gross!) we all would have gotten it!

After that debacle was a weekend of two craft shows I was tabling at. One was a total success actually my best one yet. The second one, not so much. Here is a picture of my table from the first day.


Just a taste of the handicrafts my busy little hands have been working on. I am trying to broaden my scope and reach with more markets as I want this to no longer just be a way so supplement my freelance work- but rather a viable and fantastic way to make some money!

I still feel a little light headed from the last two weeks and I am trying to remember if there was anything else that had my head in a whirl spin! Oh yes, one of my larger design clients had soooo many things for me to do to get ready for the new year. Everytime I checked something off the list I looked to see 3 more were added. Things are slowing down now, at least for the next two weeks but soon after that we are launching a new look which means all the packaging- think 30 years plus of products, need to be updated and photographed. Honestly though I am looking forward to this!

Anyways, KLAUS. Yes let’s talk about Klaus for a moment since this in fact his blog. He will be 9 weeks post op this Thursday. Friday he will have his radiograph recheck and I am almost positive he will be in the all clear. Things mellowed out for a little while when we started allowing him to chill with us on the floor. We stopped one of the anti-anxiety meds because they were having the complete opposite effect on him.

His poor crate! I will take some pics I promise. We tried to reinforce it with clasps that he has stretched out. He has the bars bent in a few places. Last night he freaked out so badly he broke open again! I come home to find the crate has moved 3 feet from the wall! I can not wait to get the all clear so we can start working him again.

He is sitting more square than I have EVER seen him, even leaning on his operated hip to lift his leg. I don’t see him in any pain really though I tend to give him a pain pill if we had a walk during a cold day as the temp seems to affect him. The only true concern I have is his muscle atrophy. I know it will be some time to build it back up, but if only you could truly see and feel how lumpy his leg is- between the bone and implant, it’s just gross feeling.

We didn’t get him into rehab. We just didn’t have the extra money sadly, so I worked on what I remembered- stretching, massage, exercises etc. The walks I think are helping immensely.

Here are some pics of the brat….20121208_001808

He’s been super cuddly lately which I love! I have never had a dog be so independent- he feels like a cat sometimes- “no pet me only right this second”.


And just because I can and because this is what I see more than I would like to, I thought I’d share this gem. Klaus will be neutered as soon as we can financially do it and most definitely when he gets the all clear from the surgeons on his hip. Fingers crossed he chills out, though I have heard mixed things about their temperament after a castration.

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RIP Drake

Not to rain (or snow) on anyone’s terrific weekend but this is such a terrible tragic story that deserves your attention.


Drake, a retired K9 officer, was shot 4 times during a burglary at his owner, Highway Patrol trooper Bobby Boody’s home. Get this, by a 16 year old who was staking the place for more weapons?! He was beginning to look like he was going to make a positive turn but the vet feared the wounds in his neck were too severe. His suspicions were confirmed when he flew him to have a cat scan done. Sadly, he had to be put to sleep.

If you are as saddened and outraged by this story as I was consider writing to the Office of the State Attorney – Peter Antonacci -State Attorney 15th Judicial Circuit, State of Florida.
401 North Dixie Highway.
West Palm Beach, FL 33401.
561-355-7100 (Phone)
561-366-1800 (Fax)
1-800-353-3859 (Toll Free).
Email: StateAttorney@sa15.state.fl.us

Below is a form letter written by a member of the German Shepherd Dog Community on Facebook:

I am writing you today in reference to the burglary of Trooper Boody’s home and the subsequent shooting death of his retired police K9, Drake. I believe that the audacious act of violence on the “juvenile shooter’s” part indicates an extreme lack of conscience. This burglary was planned well in advance in spite of the fact that he was already on probation and being monitored with GPS device for a similar offense. The suspect shot a defenseless animal who was trying to defend his home through a glass door. He then shot him again multiple times with absolutely no remorse. Due to the fact that his goal was to gain more guns and they targeted Trooper Boody’s house for that sole purpose, we believe that he needs to be tried as an adult and punished as same. He and his cohorts need to be put away for a long time not only as punishment for what they have done, but before one of them kills a human innocent. The violence, damage, and heartbreak around the world that they have already caused calls for nothing less. Drake’s soul cries out for justice. Please do not let his death be in vain.


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I promise

I am so very sorry for the lack of posts. I took a break for my own sanity to separate myself from what I have deemed the “Klaus mental takeover”. I promise promise promise with my little human heart, that I will sit down and write a proper post very soon (maybe tonight).

Klaus had his surgery today and it has been an utter and total whirlwind of stress and anxiety. I have barely had a chance to call and notify everyone of his status.

Stay tuned lovelies!


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Puppy parents beware- treats linked to poisoning still being sold!

Yesterday we decided to hit up the local Target to check out their grocery expansion and to use up some coupons involving FREE items. We like to check out the pet sections of stores every now and then, what I imagine parents of non fur children do when they check out the toy section. I was really surprised to see this……

Two out of three suspect brands of treats still on the shelves and ON SALE! This is just so frightening. I can’t tell you how more apt I am to buy something if it’s on sale. And for most puppy parents, they don’t give a second thought to buying any treats or toys. Why? Because we have put our trust in companies that they won’t poison or harm us. What’s even more startling is something I recently learned. It’s not just a matter of buying something stamped with USA on it. You have to buy items that say MADE IN THE USA. Items that say PRODUCT OF USA, just means they were packaged in the USA and not necessarily made.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pass this information along to anyone and everyone. I had contacted my local news stations in hopes of bringing this story to more people.


The following treats are now being linked to dog poisoning:

  • Waggin’ Train (Nestle Purina)
  • Canyon Creek Ranch (Nestle Purina)
  • Milo’s Kitchen Home-style Dog Treats (Del Monte)

Help other fur parents out by steering them to other treats. Make copies of this article and bring them to your local stores to raise awareness. Encourage them to no longer sell them. Some dogs get sick instantly and have no chance for recovery so it is essential that these treats are no longer sold.

Check out this list below that was given to us by our breeder as well as links to home made dog treats. It’s easier than you think- and so much safer than buying store bought ones!

Vegetables that are good for dogs:
Carrots – Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, G, K, potassium, calcium. I use carrots as the base and add a few others to vary the juice daily
Green Beans
Sweet potatoes
Brussel Sprouts
Broccoli – Feed small amounts, may cause gas
Caulerpa (seaweed)
Romaine (COS) Lettuce – High nutritional value
Ice Berg Lettuce – has no nutritional value but is OK to feed. You can use as a filler.
Tomatoes (avoid the leaves and stems) – Small Amounts
Celery – Not much nutritional value but is a good diuretic.
Alfalfa Sprouts – highest source of Vitamin A
Bok Choy
Bell Peppers
Silver Beat
Beet Root
Mustard Greens
Greens: Vitamin A, C, potassium, chlorophyll.
Kale – has the same nutrients as cabbage, helps with digestive disorders
Swiss Chard – high in Vitamin A
Watercress – intestinal cleanser
Mustard Greens – intestinal cleanser
Parsley – an herb, helps with oxygen metabolism with the adrenal and thyroid glands, healing for the genito-urianry tract.
Beets – Copper, manganese, potassium. Builds red corpuscles and tones blood. Add only a small slice to the daily juice once a week due to beet’s cleansing properties

Apples (not the seeds)
Fresh Pumpkin (not the canned pie filling)
The following Kong stuffings are made with one or more human food ingredients:

CHEESY ELVIS: Combine a ripe banana, 3 spoonfuls of peanut butter, and a slice of cheese. Mix until blended well. Fill the Kong and freeze.

MONSTER MASH: Instant mashed potatoes (without the salt) — or leftover mashed potatoes from dinner — mixed with crushed dog biscuits.

DOGGIE OMLET: Combine a scrambled egg, some beef, yogurt, cheese and mashed potatoes all together

FIBER CRUNCH: Combine bran cereal with some peanut butter.

KONGSICLE JERKY POPS: The equivalent of a popsicle… Seal the small hole of the Kong toy with peanut butter. Fill to the rim with water and a pinch of bouillon (or just use chicken broth instead). Place a stick or two of beef jerky inside. Freeze. (This one gets messy in a hurry, so it’s recommended only for outdoor use.)

GOOEY CHEERIOS: Combine cheerios and peanut butter. Freeze.

FRUIT KITTY NOODLES: Mix together some dried fruit, cooked pasta, banana and dry cat food.

BANANA YOGURT: Plain yogurt and mashed bananas. (You can also add a little peanut butter or other fruits.) Then freeze it.

PEANUT BUTTER GLUE: Fill Kong 1/3rd full of dog food. Pour in melted peanut butter (after it has cooled from microwaving). Add more dog food, followed by more melted peanut butter until the Kong toy is full. Freeze until solid.

ROCK-HARD KIBBLE: Combine some of your dog’s regular food with cream cheese, which acts as a cement, keeping everything inside.

STICKY BREAD: Smear peanut butter on a piece of bread. Fold it over and stuff inside the Kong. Mix together plain yogurt with some fruits or vegetables (carrots, celery) and pour inside. Freeze. The yogurt sticks to the bread holding everything together.

APPLE PIE: Squeeze a small piece of apple into the tiny hole. Fill the Kong with a small amount of plain yogurt. Add a few slices of mashed banana, more apple, yogurt, banana. End with a slice of banana and chunk of peanut butter on the top.

CRUNCH ‘N MUNCH: Combine crumbled rice cakes and dried fruit with some cream cheese and plain croutons.

PUMPKIN PIECES: Combine some plain yogurt, canned pumpkin, and cooked rice in a small baggie. Mix well inside the bag, then snip off a corner of the bag and squeeze it into the Kong toy. Freeze.

KIBBLE-SICLE: Put a glob of peanut butter into the Kong first. Then add some dry dog food. Pour in some chicken broth. Add some more peanut butter, followed by more dry dogfood. End with another glob of peanut butter at the very top. Freeze until solid.

OLD STANDBY: Soak some of your dog’s regular food in water (or chicken broth) for a brief time before placing it inside a Kong, then freeze.

MUTT & CHEESE: Melt a cube of Velveeta cheese in the microwave, until it’s gooey — not runny. Fill the Kong toy with cooked noodles. Pour cheese over noodles.

FROZEN BONZ: Mix up some bananas, unsweetened applesauce, oatmeal, peanut butter, and plain yogurt. Freeze.

CHEEZY DELIGHT: Combine small chunks of cheese (or cheese spread) with some dry dogfood and microwave until the cheese melts. Let it cool completely, then pour into the Kong toy. Freeze thoroughly.

CARB DELIGHT: Combine some canned dogfood with pasta noodles, rice, mashed potatoes, and some of your dog’s dry dog food. Freeze.

NUT CRUNCH: Take 2-3 dog biscuits and crunch them a bit into very tiny bite-sized pieces. Add a couple spoonfuls of peanut butter. Then add a couple spoonfuls of plain yogurt. Mix in bowl until soft, but not runny. Stuff inside Kong.

BABYLICIOUS: Mix together some fat-free cream cheese, peanut butter, and either sugarfree applesauce or a jar of baby food (like bananas, carrots). Cram a solid food item into the small hole at the end of the Kong, then fill with the mixture. Seal the large hole with either more cream cheese or peanut butter.

FRUITOPIA: Combine applesauce with chunks of fruit. Freeze.

PUPPY TRAIL: Fill the Kong with some cashews (unsalted) and freeze-dried liver bits. Add some dry dog food and/or dog crushed dog biscuits and some Cheerios. Drop in a spoonful of peanut butter, followed by some dried fruit. Finally, top it off by using a piece of ravioli or tortellini to close the large opening.

RED ROVER: Smear the inside of the Kong toy with peanut butter. Put a tiny piece of apple into the small hole, then drop some more apple pieces in next. Drop in a scoop of peanut butter (or cream cheese), then drop in some dog food or broken dog treats. Add another scoop of peanut butter (or cream cheese), then more apples. Plug the large opening with a final scoop of peanut butter (or cream cheese) and freeze.

FROZEN TUNA SALAD: Mix together well: 1 6oz can of light tuna, 2 T. plain yogurt, and 1/4 C. grated carrot. Spoon into KONG toy. Freeze. According to Linda G. of Mendham, NJ (as printed in the Aug ’07 Kong Newsletter), “This treat is healthy and high in Omega-3 fatty acids which contribute to healthy skin and a glistening coat.”

KONG-Iceberg-recipe-by-kolchak.jpg ICEBERG KONG: Kolchak’s mommy says: “Mix some dry and wet food together and stuff into enough Kongs to hold your dog’s supper (use different sizes & strengths to make it fun). Put them into an ice cream bucket. Mix a few squirts of dog gravy (from the pet store) with enough water to cover the Kongs. (If you really want to spoil your dog, toss in a small handful of dog treats!) Freeze the whole thing — usually takes overnight. Great for dogs who don’t each much, especially during those hot summer months. When it is frozen, run it under hot water to loosen it from the bucket and serve — outside, because it’s messy.”




A really cheap and easy way to make treats is to dehydrate them. You don’t need a dehydrator either. You can slow roast in the oven! http://farmgal.tripod.com/Dehydrate.html Try canteloupe or sweet potatoes. You can even make your own meat jerky this way for your pets!

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FDA releases report on treats linked to poisoning

Puppy parents! Please please please be aware of what is going into your fur babies’ bellies. I shared this link awhile ago via Facebook but like the German Shepherd Community Facebook Group pointed out- unless you are active in dog circles- whether in your community or online, you might not be aware of this very serious matter!

I first learned about this a few months back when we visited Cornell. They had a number of concerned puppy parents bringing in these treats to be tested. The FDA is just now making a public report about this but the sad thing is, these treats are still on the shelves! http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2012/03/fda-report-reveals-3-worst-offenders-in-chicken-jerky-poisoning-cases/.

The following treats are now being linked to dog poisoning:

  • Waggin’ Train (Nestle Purina)
  • Canyon Creek Ranch (Nestle Purina)
  • Milo’s Kitchen Home-style Dog Treats (Del Monte)

Help other fur parents out by steering them to other treats. Make copies of this article and bring them to your local stores to raise awareness. Encourage them to no longer sell them. Some dogs get sick instantly and have no chance for recovery so it is essential that these treats are no longer sold.

Consider only buying treats made in the USA or better yet, seek out locally made treats or make them yourself!  You can make “jerky” type treats even without a dehydrator by slow roasting in the oven. Try plain organic canned pumpkin and plain yogurt frozen in ice cube trays. Try fresh veggies! Klaus loves veggies- carrots, broccoli, celery, spinach, brussel sprouts, asparagus……The list goes on.

Please read and share this article- it’s such a shame that not more people aren’t made aware of this!

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