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GiveForward was NOT a success…

And that is more to do with me not promoting it as much. It was started a few months after I began the blog as a way to visually track donations.

We had a very generous donation of $25 immediately made but unfortunately we did not meet the minimum donation required of $50 to move forward and therefore be reimbursed.

So that donation will be refunded to whoever anonymously donated. But I want to take this moment and thank you nevertheless for keeping Klaus in your thoughts!



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Mini Facebook fundraiser

Kimberly of von Hayden German Shepherds has graciously offered to kick off the start of a hopefully momentous fundraising campaign with this offer……

For every new “like” on their facebook page, a donation of $0.05 will be made towards a “good Klaus”- his hip fund. This campaign will continue until February 14th. Please consider liking their page. It seems like such a small gesture, but when combined with other small gestures, it can all really add up! Feel free to spread the word to all your friends and family.

With the guidance of GiveForward’s helpful fundraising coaches, there are also new campaigns being planned- possibly including donor matching as well as 24hour amount oriented campaigns.


***We will be matching each new “like” by $1!

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Grants and GiveForward

Last night I stumbled upon a number of extremely helpful and informational sites containing grants for veterinary medical help. The initial search yielded some really promising links, but most applications I read are rather limiting. Most  had restrictions such as whether or not you were on government assistance, whether or not it was a life threatening immediate procedure vs life altering surgery, where you were located, etc…….

It reminds me a lot of when I was applying for scholarships for college waaaaaaay back when. There are so many out there but it’s a lot of searching to find what ones you fit the criteria for. But I feel hopeful that we might find some grants we actually can apply for. It is a long shot, but there is always hope. I’m just trying to be really pro-active about all of this. It keeps the anxiousness of the financial burden at bay. Check out this page from the humane society that is chock full of information: Humane Society Vet Care Help

I also started another fundraising page located here GiveForward. Almost every grant site I stumbled upon made reference to this site so I thought I’ll give it a shot. I like that it has a visual of the goal and where you are in relation to meeting it. I think this blog is beneficial in allowing people to get to know our family better as well as offer an avenue to sell items to raise money- but anything to make people more aware and more comfortable of the cause is great! And a HUUUUGE thank you to whoever donated $25 anonymously. It was very kind of you and I know if Klaus could speak, he’d say thank you as well! I did want to point out that the goal amount is at $7500 because it was encouraged by my fundraising coach to ask for a little more to cover the amount of fees that GiveForward deducts.

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