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I am so far behind!

Sometimes life gets in the way of writing a menial blog post- despite me having every intention of updating everyone on our progress. Klaus is completely healed now, perfect timing for the warmer weather that will hopefully be swooping in soon? It feels like we had a late start to Spring but tomorrow is looking decidedly nice!

My husband has been jogging with Klaus when we can and he has started to fill out nicely. He still looks a little lopsided in the hips, but I think he will always be that way as the left hip isn’t 100% perfect. Plus I imagine he had some stress and torque to the spine growing up with pain in the hips.

I have plenty of pictures to upload- hopefully in the next couple of days as well as a video or two of Klaus showing off his new hip. The transformation is truly miraculous- to see him run after a frisbee after being crated for so long, and prior to that completely restricted by being on a leash!

Something not so menial however……..I wanted to bring your attention to a sweet pup named Gracie who I had the pleasure of meeting last night. In case I hadn’t made it apparent in this blog (I believe I laid mention to it a few times) but I am a hockey fan. Not a sports fan- hockey and hockey alone. This season we have had soooo many opportunities to go to our local AHL team’s games- the Syracuse Crunch (farm team to the Tampa Bay Lightning). They have had a terrific season, and last night’s win over Rochester was AMAZING!

Besides it being an entertaining and rowdy game, I had the pleasure of meeting Gracie and her owners. The Crunch had generously paired up with them to offer a trio of raffles in support of raising money for her hip replacements. I felt compelled to go share my story with them, and donate what I had (mere change which was all I had in my wallet at the time!). They are only in the beginning stages of their journey but I want everyone to take the time to like her facebook page, Hips4Gracie and keep her in your thoughts. A dysplastic diagnosis is super tough to take on, let alone the financial strain and arduous recovery period that will follow!



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Klaus, you WILL like hockey

Dear Klaus, whether you like hockey or not, we do, sooooooooo you will need to refrain from barking and whining while we are watching a game. Any game really. It’s just the way it is, how it’s been, and how it will always be! This is me in my dad’s goalie mask when I was little. I also used to pretend I was a caterpillar with his goalie pads by having him strap me into them.

He played in the AHL in the early 70’s for the Syracuse Blazers. He was also in the movie Slapshot with Paul Newman!

Today while watching the Capitals and Penguins game, I yelped for joy when Pittsburgh won in overtime. Klaus was so concerned he woke up out of a nap and ran over to the recliner and put his paws in my lap.

It’s ok Klaus! Promise. It was just a close game and I was showing my enthusiasm as stupid humans often do over their stupid sports games. I’ve been feeling under the weather the past couple of days, including a headache that has been exacerbated by his incessant whining and barking. Today was the first day in awhile where I didn’t feel like holing myself up in a dark closet with ear plugs. GSD’s are particularly noisy and talkative but I really feel like Klaus is the king of whining. I remember back to the videos Kimberly posted of the whole litter in the whelping box, well, yelping it up! I’d be curious to know if Klaus’ siblings are as whiny as he is? But again, I know his behavior is directly effected by his bad hip and his inability to expel energy.

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