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A penny for Penny!

On the eve of Klaus’ freedom walk I am reminded of the journey it took to get here. A very long, stressful, and EXPENSIVE journey. It’s a journey that sadly a lot of pet owners must travel. I want to bring to your attention the journey of a boxer named Penny. I stumbled upon her story via instagram and couldn’t help but feel like such a mother hen to her and her parents- I just wanted to take them under my wing and say it will be alright. Penny just struck a chord with me……


From her owners:

2012 was a rough year. We’ve paid over 4000+ in vet bills just in these last two years. My first pup, a 2 year old boxer, had a catastrophic heart attack at only 2 years old. His heart couldn’t go on regardless of how much we tried saving him. He passed away in my arms as I was running into the emergency room. Roughly, about 8 months later, my female boxer was really sad and depressed all the time and had slowed down. We then learned that she had been diagnosed with early stages of hip dysplasia, quickly we looked for the best possible way to aid her pain and get her back to 100%. We had a procedure done, that cost us 2500 dollars, called Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy. She showed great improvements and her pain was gone, the stem cells had done their job. She was getting ready to start her rehabilitation therapy to get her muscle growing back again and get her back in shape, and that was going to cost us another 1200 dollars. Out of nowhere she started limping in her right hind leg. Just this last week we found out that she had torn both cruciate ligaments in both knees (ACL Tear). Now she needs surgeries in her in both of her knees that are going to cost 3800 dollars total plus rehabilitation. Recently, my job has slowed down a lot. I hardly get by with rent and still paying off these vet bills that just have been racking up and now we need to have these procedures done and we are completely drained credit and savings both I’m not asking for much and I never ask for any help, but I’m in desperate need for my dog’s wellbeing. All I want is for them to live a normal and happy life. If anyone can donate anything at all, anything is appreciated; I would greatly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. My dogs are like my kids I will die for them


Heartbreaking right? Not only is the passing of their other pup still fresh in their minds, but they are struggling with trying to get Penny back to being a dog again. There are a bunch of ways you can help out:

Their CHIPIN site: http://savepennyboxer.chipin.com/help-penny-the-boxer

PayPayl donations to: savepennyboxer@gmail.com

Their friend has generously set up a sale through her ETSY store: “Use code: SAVEPENNY to take 20% off your entire order and half the proceeds go towards a great cause! Penny is a 2-year-old boxer who has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and two torn ACL’s. She is in a lot of pain and desperately needs surgery! To donate directly, send anything you can to savepennyboxer@gmail.com through paypal! Thank you!”

I’ve already placed an order for a custom embroidery and will gladly donate as much as I can. Seriously folks, even a small donation helps. I speak from experience. It is beyond humbling to have to ask for help. It’s even more humbling when people come forth with their generosity. Please help them out in any way you can- this includes spreading the word of Penny!

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Klaus on Instagram

Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a land far away in my memory, where money was a much more prevalent commodity in my life- I had an iPhone. One of my favorite all time apps was Instagram. I loved how visual it was without all the whiny attention grabbing nonsense frequently found on Facebook.

And then darkness fell upon the land and bills piled up, and our bank account screamed for relief. We had to do a lot of reconfiguring of our budget when in January I lost my full time position as a designer and went to freelance only. It meant inconsistent paychecks and inconsistent job requests.

I bit the bullet and got a cheaper phone- an android phone. And alas! Instagram did not exist for it. While I tried to focus on Klaus’ therapy and exercise as well as the blog, I had my sister run Klaus’ Instagram profile. Now that Instagram is available for Android, there are 3X the opportunities for Klaus’ love via photographs! Me, my husband, and my sister all have access- though we should all be much better about posting what we take!

If you’re on Instagram, please add us! Search for klaus_von_hayden

Klaus looks really sad and pitiful in a lot of his pics. I think he has a sad face to begin with but couple that with being unable to run and play and be a proper pup like he should, I feel his pain. We do our best to expel his energy- both mentally and physically. But what he longs for the most is being able to run. Our neighbor has a corgi named Todd, and although they have only interacted a few times- they LOVE each other. Todd just wants to be chased, and Klaus just wants to chase him. It’s sad to be in the back yard with a free running corgi while your 15 month old GSD is tethered to a leash looking up at you longingly. Klaus will nose the door asking to go out just so he can look over at the neighbors to see if Todd is out. It breaks my heart really. Soon Klaus- we will get you all fixed up soon!


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Klaus! You just gotta relax man.

Today was Klaus’ annual visit to the vets, which involves a car ride, which equals a super stressful time- for EVERYONE involved.

I have to say I don’t know where we went wrong with Klaus and car rides, or why he began to act like a total nut job in the car but he does and it is AWFUL.

I would bring him to work with me when he was younger. No issues there besides him not wanting to be a good boy and stay in one spot. We would take him to the park, again no issues there. His freak out sessions began last summer and they haven’t gotten any better despite trying to work on the issue.

He is crate trained. Recognizing the dangers of an unrestrained dog in a car- should we get into an accident as well as for the obvious reason of him wandering about inside a moving vehicle- we began crating him while we drove. And for awhile it worked! He would noisily protest at first but settle down fairly quickly with his toy or bone.

Now it’s freaking out and pulling to get into the car. Freaking out once he’s inside the car. Freaking out the whole ride. Then freaking out once he’s gotten out of the car.

It’s such a stressful situation I would be so interested in seeing what all of our blood pressures look like! I have to wear earplugs which is a dangerous situation to be in. We discussed bark collars with our breeder and there is one that came highly recommended, it’s just hard to swing a purchase of over $100 for one right now. We’re just going to have to get it.

Today we spent $227  everything- exam, rabies, other vaccinations, and flea/tick/heart worm medicine. I have to keep telling myself, “at least it’s not the type of finances involved with a real baby”.

The exam went pretty alright. He began by “big boy barking” at the vet which we were worried she would be upset about. But she must get that a lot. It’s just that Klaus’ big boy bark is really really scary. I can see why people get nervous when he is acting like that. Add to the mix strange dogs going in and out of the door- he was not in a happy place and neither were we. It’s just so surprising to see him act like that towards other dogs, when he is such a social and loving dog. Must have known he was going to get a bunch of shots!

Here are some of the photos my sister has been taking. If you are on instagram look us up- klaus_von_hayden.

My kitchen floors are NOT yellow. Our walls are though. The pictures my sister takes tend to have a yellow cast to them. I think the walls are reflecting onto the floor.


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Aunt Katelyn resumes Instagram responsibilities

As the days go on, things seem to be getting busier with Klaus. In a valiant attempt to get his story out there we’ve paved way on every social media front and the success is apparent. With Klaus’ Instagram becoming an immediate and convenient way to keep up on his shenanigans, it was decided that with all the overwhelming and fantastic support of all of his followers (seriously, thank you so much!) that I (Katelyn) will be devoting my time to keeping track of it. But, don’t fret! Kimberly will still be available to answer any of your pressing questions and her most up to date information about his progress and preparations will be available on this blog so stay tuned!

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Klaus on Instagram

For all you iPhone people out there, add Mr. Klaus on Instagram- Klaus_von_hayden……

Also, I will keep everyone posted about the price quote we were given. I know people are concerned at the price- believe me, not as concerned as my husband and I. We just want to make this process transparent for everyone. I am awaiting for the surgery staff to get me a price break down so everyone can see exactly what that price entails.

I am also in contact with Cornell College Companion Animal Hospital to get an idea if they do the THR surgery and what their cost would be.

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