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The half way mark and mid morning muggings!

Can I just exclaim to the whole wide world the immense beam of joy that I am feeling, meeting the half way mark of Klaus’ post op!?

Because despite the ulcer that I have more than likely developed, stressed induced by Prince Anxiety himself, WE ARE HALFWAY THERE!

Of course we ARE assuming he is healing as he should be. But still. Only 4 franken more weeks of this crate nonsense.

Next order of business. Mid morning mugging. I was not mugged but still am super upset that a neighbor two houses down was! During the day! 11 am to be precise!

I take this and any and all stupid bullshit that affects my neighbors and street in a negative way, very seriously.

We are blocks away from a not so nice street and just about in the student housing area of the university neighborhoods. We’ve had stupid stuff happen- car break ins, vandalism, etc but never something serious like this.

We have a neighborhood watch group as well as a streetwide Facebook page that keeps everyone connected. We are a strong knit group who get together for parties and picnics. We are the epitome of the 1950’s “can I borrow a cup of sugar” type neighborhood.

The good news? Our postman came to the rescue and stopped it

Even though I don’t know his name, I thank him and appreciate what he did! So thank you Mr. Vigilante Kick Ass Postal Carrier! Seriously.


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