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RIP Drake

Not to rain (or snow) on anyone’s terrific weekend but this is such a terrible tragic story that deserves your attention.


Drake, a retired K9 officer, was shot 4 times during a burglary at his owner, Highway Patrol trooper Bobby Boody’s home. Get this, by a 16 year old who was staking the place for more weapons?! He was beginning to look like he was going to make a positive turn but the vet feared the wounds in his neck were too severe. His suspicions were confirmed when he flew him to have a cat scan done. Sadly, he had to be put to sleep.

If you are as saddened and outraged by this story as I was consider writing to the Office of the State Attorney – Peter Antonacci -State Attorney 15th Judicial Circuit, State of Florida.
401 North Dixie Highway.
West Palm Beach, FL 33401.
561-355-7100 (Phone)
561-366-1800 (Fax)
1-800-353-3859 (Toll Free).
Email: StateAttorney@sa15.state.fl.us

Below is a form letter written by a member of the German Shepherd Dog Community on Facebook:

I am writing you today in reference to the burglary of Trooper Boody’s home and the subsequent shooting death of his retired police K9, Drake. I believe that the audacious act of violence on the “juvenile shooter’s” part indicates an extreme lack of conscience. This burglary was planned well in advance in spite of the fact that he was already on probation and being monitored with GPS device for a similar offense. The suspect shot a defenseless animal who was trying to defend his home through a glass door. He then shot him again multiple times with absolutely no remorse. Due to the fact that his goal was to gain more guns and they targeted Trooper Boody’s house for that sole purpose, we believe that he needs to be tried as an adult and punished as same. He and his cohorts need to be put away for a long time not only as punishment for what they have done, but before one of them kills a human innocent. The violence, damage, and heartbreak around the world that they have already caused calls for nothing less. Drake’s soul cries out for justice. Please do not let his death be in vain.



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