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A penny for Penny!

On the eve of Klaus’ freedom walk I am reminded of the journey it took to get here. A very long, stressful, and EXPENSIVE journey. It’s a journey that sadly a lot of pet owners must travel. I want to bring to your attention the journey of a boxer named Penny. I stumbled upon her story via instagram and couldn’t help but feel like such a mother hen to her and her parents- I just wanted to take them under my wing and say it will be alright. Penny just struck a chord with me……


From her owners:

2012 was a rough year. We’ve paid over 4000+ in vet bills just in these last two years. My first pup, a 2 year old boxer, had a catastrophic heart attack at only 2 years old. His heart couldn’t go on regardless of how much we tried saving him. He passed away in my arms as I was running into the emergency room. Roughly, about 8 months later, my female boxer was really sad and depressed all the time and had slowed down. We then learned that she had been diagnosed with early stages of hip dysplasia, quickly we looked for the best possible way to aid her pain and get her back to 100%. We had a procedure done, that cost us 2500 dollars, called Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy. She showed great improvements and her pain was gone, the stem cells had done their job. She was getting ready to start her rehabilitation therapy to get her muscle growing back again and get her back in shape, and that was going to cost us another 1200 dollars. Out of nowhere she started limping in her right hind leg. Just this last week we found out that she had torn both cruciate ligaments in both knees (ACL Tear). Now she needs surgeries in her in both of her knees that are going to cost 3800 dollars total plus rehabilitation. Recently, my job has slowed down a lot. I hardly get by with rent and still paying off these vet bills that just have been racking up and now we need to have these procedures done and we are completely drained credit and savings both I’m not asking for much and I never ask for any help, but I’m in desperate need for my dog’s wellbeing. All I want is for them to live a normal and happy life. If anyone can donate anything at all, anything is appreciated; I would greatly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. My dogs are like my kids I will die for them


Heartbreaking right? Not only is the passing of their other pup still fresh in their minds, but they are struggling with trying to get Penny back to being a dog again. There are a bunch of ways you can help out:

Their CHIPIN site: http://savepennyboxer.chipin.com/help-penny-the-boxer

PayPayl donations to: savepennyboxer@gmail.com

Their friend has generously set up a sale through her ETSY store: “Use code: SAVEPENNY to take 20% off your entire order and half the proceeds go towards a great cause! Penny is a 2-year-old boxer who has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and two torn ACL’s. She is in a lot of pain and desperately needs surgery! To donate directly, send anything you can to savepennyboxer@gmail.com through paypal! Thank you!”

I’ve already placed an order for a custom embroidery and will gladly donate as much as I can. Seriously folks, even a small donation helps. I speak from experience. It is beyond humbling to have to ask for help. It’s even more humbling when people come forth with their generosity. Please help them out in any way you can- this includes spreading the word of Penny!

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Doomsday set

So after a game of phone tag we have scheduled Klaus’ big day. His preliminary appointment is scheduled for August 22, 2012. He will have x-rays taken and we will be sat down again and go over everything. Essentially like a counseling session. We will need to put down 50% of the higher estimate which will be closer to 3k.

*side note- I am unsure of the actual estimate at this time. We were told 6-8k originally then 4-6k at Cornell but a woman I spoke with from Cornell yesterday mentioned it being more around 6k! At this point in time we are shooting high rather than low.

On August 13, 2012 he is scheduled with our own vet to have some blood work and urinalysis done. This needs to be done a week prior to the preliminary.

He needs the following:


Serum Chemistry Panel


Urine Culture

Should everything come up alright he will be in surgery August 23 or August 24. I cried for a good 20 minutes after I got off the phone.

So there it is folks. The big day! Whether I am ready or not- there it is.


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Raven, our kindred spirit

Awhile ago I was contacted by Mark who’s dog Raven was in the EXACT same predicament as Klaus. Looking at her x-rays even gave me the chills because I really thought I was looking at Klaus’ x-rays- except it was her left leg and his right! Tomorrow will be Raven’s 12 week mark with her new hip and boy has it been  a journey!

The surgery was in its own right a success but the surgeons were met with some complications concerning the implant seating correctly. It was explained to Mark that her muscles had atrophied (something I am definitely scared with Klaus) and they had to be stretched to make everything fit. However this ended up being a good scenario for preventing dislocation following the surgery. The other night I was looking at Klaus’ hip and it is so misshapen and smaller so I wonder if this will pose a problem?

Mark touched on just about everything I have concerns for. Raven is a high energy dog (like Klaus) but after the surgery, and realistically so, she just didn’t want to move around so much. For 6 weeks the dog has to be confined except to be taken out for bathroom breaks. It’s recommended the dog is fed within the confinement.

He had some scares with her after incorporating range of motion exercises and some lameness she was exhibiting and she was rushed off to his vet for x-rays but thankfully nothing had dislocated.

Raven had cement less implants and after the 6 week mark, x-rays showed some bone growth around them. At 8 weeks walks could be incorporated- short ones. Again with the lameness and again x-rays were clear. This is what I have concern for. By nature I am a worry wart. I feel as if we will be back at our vets on a weekly basis with such and such concern. I AM SCARED TO DEATH OF DISLOCATION. Even now it is a constant concern for me.

Mark was comforting in the fact if he had to do it all over again he would. Since the surgery, her right hip has not had a single problem, which was a concern as it was not perfect either. Our surgeon mentioned that Klaus could very easily not need his left hip fixed once the right one was! Fingers crossed he is part of the 80% category of dog with just one THR!

Mark has also allowed me to share some pics of Raven and her “jail”. His most helpful advice has been to start thinking about Klaus’ “confinement” now and get it all situated and set up. Six weeks is a very long time for a dog to be confined. We want to make this as comfortable and void of stress- for Klaus and everyone involved.

Look at her! Do you think a vet would write me a RX for some vallium? Not for Klaus, for me! This is going to be so rough. He started out with a smaller enclosure but extended the pen out for some more room. I need to get a pen and some carpets. We have hardwood floors. Definitely need a runner from the crate to the door outside. We will be rearranging our living room very soon to put his jail cell closer to the door and away from windows- he gets really stressed with noises outside. Radio will probably be on at all times- or something to distract him. Can I just say though- Jesse and I were joking the other night that we created a whiny little emo dog because anytime we’d leave we’d turn the iPod to Elliot Smith 🙂

The lattice on top is to prevent Raven from jumping out. Something I have concerns for with Klaus. I began looking at 4′ tall pens but Mark made a point that might encourage jumping. This is going to be an interesting time for everyone. I am considering perhaps getting only one pen and hooking it up to his crate. His crate is giant sized- like Great Dane sized. And he does love it. There might be some trial and error involved with creating the best set up possible!

I’m looking forward to hearing from Mark about what the doctor has to say in the next few weeks for Raven’s recovery. He is the closest thing to my own situation and it has been so helpful and encouraging to hear from him!

Good luck Raven!


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Financial help and grants for vet bills

I wanted to re-post a post I made back in January for all the new readers of the blog. This is a pretty intense list of websites with financial help and advice for people who are in a similar situation as my own. I want other pet owners out there to have this knowledge and help! We did apply to everyone we qualified for but sadly there was no money left. But to all pet parents out there- just exhaust all available options and don’t give up. It can be a pretty tough pill to swallow if you’re like me and have a very tight monthly budget. But our pets are our children, and like any good parent, we would do ANYTHING for our fur babies.

The Mosby Foundation – www.themosbyfoundation.org 540-939-4035
IMOM – www.imom.org
United Animal Nations – www.uan.org
Pet Samaritan Fund – www.petsamaritan.org
The Pie Fund – www.piefund.org
Rose’s Fund for Animals – www.rosesfund.org
AAHA Helping Pets Fund – www.aahahelpingpets.org
Angels 4 Animals – www.angels4animals.org
Cats in Crisis – www.catsincrisis.org
Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program (FVEAP) – www.fveap.org
Help-A-Pet – www.help-a-pet.org
Labrador Life Line – www.labradorlifeline.org
The Brown Dog Foundation – www.browndogfoundation.org
Diabetic Pets Fund – www.petdianetes.net
Feline Outreach – www.felineoutreach.org
The Pet Fund – www.thepetfund.org
Assistance for cancer/radiation therapy cases:
The Magic Bullet Fund – www.themagicbulletfund.org
Zach Memorial Fund – www.ashleyfund.org
The Perseus Foundation – www.Perseusfoundation.org
Canine Cancer Awareness – www.caninecanerawareness.org
Cody’s Club – www.codysclub.bravehost.com
Land of Pure Gold – www.landofpuregold.com

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Grants and GiveForward

Last night I stumbled upon a number of extremely helpful and informational sites containing grants for veterinary medical help. The initial search yielded some really promising links, but most applications I read are rather limiting. Most  had restrictions such as whether or not you were on government assistance, whether or not it was a life threatening immediate procedure vs life altering surgery, where you were located, etc…….

It reminds me a lot of when I was applying for scholarships for college waaaaaaay back when. There are so many out there but it’s a lot of searching to find what ones you fit the criteria for. But I feel hopeful that we might find some grants we actually can apply for. It is a long shot, but there is always hope. I’m just trying to be really pro-active about all of this. It keeps the anxiousness of the financial burden at bay. Check out this page from the humane society that is chock full of information: Humane Society Vet Care Help

I also started another fundraising page located here GiveForward. Almost every grant site I stumbled upon made reference to this site so I thought I’ll give it a shot. I like that it has a visual of the goal and where you are in relation to meeting it. I think this blog is beneficial in allowing people to get to know our family better as well as offer an avenue to sell items to raise money- but anything to make people more aware and more comfortable of the cause is great! And a HUUUUGE thank you to whoever donated $25 anonymously. It was very kind of you and I know if Klaus could speak, he’d say thank you as well! I did want to point out that the goal amount is at $7500 because it was encouraged by my fundraising coach to ask for a little more to cover the amount of fees that GiveForward deducts.

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