Aid for Vet Bills

Below is a really good list of sources for financial help for vet bills. I realize having this information in posts makes it easy for it to get buried. This information is too important and too valuable to be lost to everyone.

The Mosby Foundation – 540-939-4035
United Animal Nations –
Pet Samaritan Fund –
The Pie Fund –
Rose’s Fund for Animals –
AAHA Helping Pets Fund –
Angels 4 Animals –
Cats in Crisis –
Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program (FVEAP) –
Help-A-Pet –
Labrador Life Line –
The Brown Dog Foundation –
Diabetic Pets Fund –
Feline Outreach –
The Pet Fund –
Assistance for cancer/radiation therapy cases:
The Magic Bullet Fund –
Zach Memorial Fund –
The Perseus Foundation –
Canine Cancer Awareness –
Cody’s Club –
Land of Pure Gold –

2 responses to “Aid for Vet Bills

  1. Thank you! This is a really good list that everyone should definitely keep on hand, regardless of whether one has pet insurance or not. Veterinary bills can sometimes add up in the thousands, as can a single surgery and emergencies almost always take place when least expected.

    • I got this list from Cornell University after we began looking at them to do our dog’s surgery. Our problem was we never added the HD rider to our insurance, so when Klaus was diagnosed, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING involved with his hip from here on out would not be covered- not water therapy rehabilitation, not laser pain treatments, not any of his pharmaceuticals, testing, and definitely not his surgery. You live and you learn and all I could do was research and apply and hope. The two we were hopeful for ran out of money. Which has led me to vow to return as a donor to help others in the future. I pass this list along to everyone when I can. As pet parents, we want our dogs to be happy and healthy, just like any parent would. I began this blog as a form of therapy for myself but also to show others there are ways to make it through expensive and scary pet surgeries and bills!

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