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Paws for a Cause

I totally forgot to mention about being in attendance to this totally pawsome event a couple of weekends ago. Chalk it up to how crazy busy it was. And then silly me I totally forgot to post this entry last week!

Jesse and I attended last year and this year, his coffee shop Recess Coffee was asked if they would like to table, so my sister and I went independently. The local pet food store where we get our pet food and treats from- Dog Daze put it on. It’s a really great event! Tons of vendors, tons of rescue groups, and a very special visit from The Pit Boss, Shorty Rossi.

While my husband used it as a way to scope out a brudder or a sidder for Klaus baby, I used it as a way to do some research on new foods to try. Before I even got there I did get a text from Jesse saying he had adopted a baby rottweiler pup. I was sure he wasn’t joking! I can be pretty gullible most of the time. Realistically this is not an option for us given our current situation. Klaus needs his hip fixed, he needs to be fully rehabilitated, and we need to get our finances back on track before we even consider another pet.

Like last year I was very surprised to not see the local shepherd rescue group, although this year there was a white shepherd specific group. Lots of pit bulls including a very adorable fawn colored boy who I really loved. Also there was a pet rescue group there who deals with a lot of exotic rescues- K.A.R.E Inc. I am friends with them on Facebook and it always breaks my heart to read about their newest additions. They are on my list of places to donate to after Klaus’ surgery.


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Let’s do a recap!

It’s been a crazy whirlwind of a week and the next coming months are proving to show no form of relief! With that said, posts will probably be few and far between. I’ve got weddings and out of town trips and craziness all around coming up!

We took Klaus in for a vet visit to figure out what was going on with his foot. Our first thought was either a sliver or a bite that was bothering him which he made worse by licking it. We could prevent him from licking it when we were with him but he would lick and chew at it while we slept or if we had him crated while we were gone. We didn’t want to wrap it up because he would chew it off and probably eat it! I was pretty diligent about applying ointment to stop the itch but it was pretty apparent something else was going on. Appetite was good and he was still drinking but I could just sense he was not his usual Klaus self……..

Sharing a vehicle proves interesting when trying to fanangle last minute updates in plans so it was a few more days before we could get him in to the vet. I began wondering if he was having an allergic reaction to something as he was starting to get little hairless patches on his snout. It’s farmers’ market season and we’ve been bringing home lots of fresh veggies- all stuff he’s had before but could the green beans have been the culprit?….

I was trying to go back through the week to see what had changed/happened. The TOTW food recall happened. We got a new bag until we can slowly change his food over- but that would have been a GI issue. We stuffed his Kong with fresh fruits and veggies- all food stuffs he had had before with no issue. Did he step on glass? Did he get bit? The vet asked us to do an epsom salt soak which was utterly impossible with just me home. I tried soothing it with cotton balls soaked in the solution. It seemed to be working but it was evident he needed to wear the “sock of shame” pretty regularly until we could be seen.

Two antibiotics and some ointment later- to the tune of $120, it was concluded his nail was possibly broken and it was infected farther up the toe. If it was in fact broken it would grow out so no worries there. He was given an anti-histamine for his snout and the ointment for his toe can be used on the hairless snout patches as well. The anti-biotics for the infection has steroids in it so our plan to get him neutered now will have to wait a few more weeks until everything has worked itself out of his system. He has been leaving his toe alone and the infection appears to be clearing up- even just a couple of days into the meds. All I could think that happened was one of the days he was so happy my sister had come home, that he injured it then. He gets super excited, grabs a toy and either runs into his crate or jumps up onto the couch. There was one day he slid into his crate but didn’t make any sort of sound to indicate what he did hurt!

At least he’s feeling better and is on the road to recovery. Sometimes it just feels like it’s never ending with him! Always getting into something. Always making us worry!

My sister and I have been really busy crafting in preparation for an event I did last year called The Funky Flea. I only sold artwork last year and I had questioned whether I would do it again because people showing up assumed they could haggle down my prices. I make my living off my art! Would you haggle with your brain surgeon?! Because we had set stuff aside for a garage sale anyways- we thought we’d bring both. So this year we will be selling, art, crafts, and crap- with all proceeds from sales going to Klaus’ hip fund!

That is just a little taste of the jewelry we’ve been making. Mostly pins and necklaces. I have to get some of my prints printed out. I had begun felting Klaus fur acorn ornaments- but that option seems to be a bust in the store so I’m not sure if I will spend much more time on it. People are really grossed out by it but everything is cleaned- twice even! The garage sale crap needs to be priced which I’m dreading. I don’t know how to price such things. I want to sell everything but I don’t want to give everything away either. We shall see how it goes.

Saturday I took my sister to a local chocolatier. She isn’t a huge chocolate fan but I think I may have converted her! While my husband feels the need to check out EVERY coffee shop we find while visiting a new place, I have to visit every chocolate place. I like Lune Chocolat so very much. The owner is imaginative and clever with his combos and is oh so generous with letting me try new things. For mother’s day he had a four pack with a violet truffle and a rose truffle that were soooooo delicious. I tend to like the weird flowery herby ones. The pink pepper rosemary is still my ultimate favorite. He let me try a Bangkok one which had lemongrass and ginger in it, and a hint of spice that hit you after. He was also making an Elvis one- chocolate, peanut butter, and banana. I am going to come clean with everyone- I HATE CHOCOLATE AND PEANUT BUTTER TOGETHER! I know that makes me un-american but I just can’t do it. His truffle however was so amazing, and who is going to turn down an artisan crafted chocolate?! NOT THIS GIRL! He had made a post on Facebook about bbq beef truffles the other night but they were closing by the time we realized what was going on and it was a bit of a trip for us. I was able to snag the last two the next day. He is also coming up with a chicken wing one for a father’s day four pack. Sounds weird but I trust him.

Right by the chocolate place is the Manlius Swan Pond which had been in the news when some stupid jack ass kid smashed some recently laid swan eggs. Word on the street is he was also arrested  just last night for driving 109 mph! What a classy awesome guy. The town really rallied together when the eggs were smashed. Local businesses paid for a surveilance camera and their nest was rebuilt on a floating raft in the center. I remember back a long time ago when I was younger, some crazy guy showed up and shot and killed a ton of birds. That pond has had its fair share of tragedy. But the good news is the swan laid more eggs so hopefully some beebee swans will be paddling about!

I’ll leave you guys with a photo that pretty much sums up my weekend- chocolates, macarons from The Sweet Praxis, and fresh strawberries from the Regional Market.

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Financial help and grants for vet bills

I wanted to re-post a post I made back in January for all the new readers of the blog. This is a pretty intense list of websites with financial help and advice for people who are in a similar situation as my own. I want other pet owners out there to have this knowledge and help! We did apply to everyone we qualified for but sadly there was no money left. But to all pet parents out there- just exhaust all available options and don’t give up. It can be a pretty tough pill to swallow if you’re like me and have a very tight monthly budget. But our pets are our children, and like any good parent, we would do ANYTHING for our fur babies.

The Mosby Foundation – 540-939-4035
United Animal Nations –
Pet Samaritan Fund –
The Pie Fund –
Rose’s Fund for Animals –
AAHA Helping Pets Fund –
Angels 4 Animals –
Cats in Crisis –
Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program (FVEAP) –
Help-A-Pet –
Labrador Life Line –
The Brown Dog Foundation –
Diabetic Pets Fund –
Feline Outreach –
The Pet Fund –
Assistance for cancer/radiation therapy cases:
The Magic Bullet Fund –
Zach Memorial Fund –
The Perseus Foundation –
Canine Cancer Awareness –
Cody’s Club –
Land of Pure Gold –

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Klaus on Instagram

Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a land far away in my memory, where money was a much more prevalent commodity in my life- I had an iPhone. One of my favorite all time apps was Instagram. I loved how visual it was without all the whiny attention grabbing nonsense frequently found on Facebook.

And then darkness fell upon the land and bills piled up, and our bank account screamed for relief. We had to do a lot of reconfiguring of our budget when in January I lost my full time position as a designer and went to freelance only. It meant inconsistent paychecks and inconsistent job requests.

I bit the bullet and got a cheaper phone- an android phone. And alas! Instagram did not exist for it. While I tried to focus on Klaus’ therapy and exercise as well as the blog, I had my sister run Klaus’ Instagram profile. Now that Instagram is available for Android, there are 3X the opportunities for Klaus’ love via photographs! Me, my husband, and my sister all have access- though we should all be much better about posting what we take!

If you’re on Instagram, please add us! Search for klaus_von_hayden

Klaus looks really sad and pitiful in a lot of his pics. I think he has a sad face to begin with but couple that with being unable to run and play and be a proper pup like he should, I feel his pain. We do our best to expel his energy- both mentally and physically. But what he longs for the most is being able to run. Our neighbor has a corgi named Todd, and although they have only interacted a few times- they LOVE each other. Todd just wants to be chased, and Klaus just wants to chase him. It’s sad to be in the back yard with a free running corgi while your 15 month old GSD is tethered to a leash looking up at you longingly. Klaus will nose the door asking to go out just so he can look over at the neighbors to see if Todd is out. It breaks my heart really. Soon Klaus- we will get you all fixed up soon!


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Canidae also listed as a recall

Here’s a really good link listing dog food recalls. It has all the types as well as what to look for on the package. Check your bags!

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Pet food recall! Pet owners check your dog food!

Hey pet owners! “Diamond Pet Foods has voluntarily recalled several brands produced in its Gaston, South Carolina, plant as a precautionary measure to protect the health and safety of customers and their pets. Please refer to the production code number on your bag to determine whether your product is affected by this recall. Please feel free to contact us at 866-918-8756 with any questions. Web:

The following types of food are included in the pet food recall:

  • Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul
  • Country Value
  • Diamond
  • Diamond Naturals
  • Premium Edge
  • Professional
  • 4Health
  • Taste of the Wild

If your dog food bag has a “2” or a “3” in the 9th position as well as an “X” in the 10th or 11th position on the SKU- YOUR FOOD IS AFFECTED BY THE RECALL! As listed on the TOTW website as well if the “best before” dates are “best by 12/9/2012” or “best by 4/7/2013” YOUR FOOD IS AFFECTED BY THE RECALL!

Check those bags folks! But if you are like me who buy a bag and dump it into a dog food bin CALL THE STORE where you bought it. They had me bring in the rest of his food and they gave me a bag not affected. We feed Klaus Taste Of The Wild and although we haven’t noticed any changes in him or us- the place we buy our food would rather we be safe than sorry.

Shit like this makes me smack my head and reconsider feeding raw again. We as consumers put our faith into companies that are supposed to be regulating and maintaining high standards of health and safety, but let’s get real folks- it feels like more of a crock of shit every day. And that is just stupid. /rant

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Klaus! You just gotta relax man.

Today was Klaus’ annual visit to the vets, which involves a car ride, which equals a super stressful time- for EVERYONE involved.

I have to say I don’t know where we went wrong with Klaus and car rides, or why he began to act like a total nut job in the car but he does and it is AWFUL.

I would bring him to work with me when he was younger. No issues there besides him not wanting to be a good boy and stay in one spot. We would take him to the park, again no issues there. His freak out sessions began last summer and they haven’t gotten any better despite trying to work on the issue.

He is crate trained. Recognizing the dangers of an unrestrained dog in a car- should we get into an accident as well as for the obvious reason of him wandering about inside a moving vehicle- we began crating him while we drove. And for awhile it worked! He would noisily protest at first but settle down fairly quickly with his toy or bone.

Now it’s freaking out and pulling to get into the car. Freaking out once he’s inside the car. Freaking out the whole ride. Then freaking out once he’s gotten out of the car.

It’s such a stressful situation I would be so interested in seeing what all of our blood pressures look like! I have to wear earplugs which is a dangerous situation to be in. We discussed bark collars with our breeder and there is one that came highly recommended, it’s just hard to swing a purchase of over $100 for one right now. We’re just going to have to get it.

Today we spent $227  everything- exam, rabies, other vaccinations, and flea/tick/heart worm medicine. I have to keep telling myself, “at least it’s not the type of finances involved with a real baby”.

The exam went pretty alright. He began by “big boy barking” at the vet which we were worried she would be upset about. But she must get that a lot. It’s just that Klaus’ big boy bark is really really scary. I can see why people get nervous when he is acting like that. Add to the mix strange dogs going in and out of the door- he was not in a happy place and neither were we. It’s just so surprising to see him act like that towards other dogs, when he is such a social and loving dog. Must have known he was going to get a bunch of shots!

Here are some of the photos my sister has been taking. If you are on instagram look us up- klaus_von_hayden.

My kitchen floors are NOT yellow. Our walls are though. The pictures my sister takes tend to have a yellow cast to them. I think the walls are reflecting onto the floor.


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